Her Royal Highness Catherine

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Her Royal Highness Catherine

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Source: Kelvin Okafor
Source's Website: www.KelvinOkaforArt.com

The portrait of the Royal Highness Catherine is quite expressive and her wonderful personality seems to shine in this illustration by the artist, Kelvin Okafor. This hyper realistic drawing is very impressive and delightful.

About Her Royal Highness Catherine

Her Royal Highness Catherine is an original drawing by Kelvin Okafor using a Lambeth Drawing smooth cartridge paper. Okafor drew the Duchess of Cambridge using a combination of mediums such as graphite pencils, black charcoal, and black colored pencil. This illustration measures 91 x 68 cm.

About the Artist

Kelvin Okafor is a talented and award-winning hyper realistic illustrator from the United Kingdom. He likes producing distinctive drawings with perfect and fine details. Okafor has a special way of drawing emotions and expressions on his portraits. He was able to develop his own pencil technique which made him highly recognizable in the art community.

Thank you very much, Kelvin Okafor, for allowing us to post and share your Royal Highness Catherine drawing. If you wish to see more of his incredible drawings, you can check and visit his website.

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