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Source: Jim Bachor
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This Run Chi marble pavement art is striking because of the tiny, hand-cut fragments of Italian glass and marble that comprise Jim’s creative work.

About Run Chi

This Run Chi pavement art was conceptualized and created by Jim Bachor. It is made of marble and smalti (Italian richly colored glass tiles), measuring 4′ x 6′. He chose marble and glass as his art medium because they do not fade. He loves producing mosaics that capture everyday events in beautiful colors. He finds it an amazing idea to create colorful pieces of stone or glass set in mortar and having them look the same in a hundred or more years from now.

About the Artist

Jim Bachor is a visual artist who is very fascinated with ancient history, which greatly influences his creative work. He likes designing and making interesting mosaics of present day happenings with what he terms ‘an ancient voice’. Jim uses archaic craftsmen’s materials, tools and methods with a modern look.

Thank you very much Jim Bachor for allowing us to post and share your Run Chi marble pavement art. If you wish to see more of his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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