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Scrapbook Table Top Lectern

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Source: Randall Rosenthal

This clever concept was done by the sculptor Randall Rosenthal. I can see the rich imagination, ingenuity, passion and hard work of Randall in this art piece. This sculpture is made entirely made of wood and is inspired by stacks of old books or magazines.

About the Scrapbook Table Top Lectern

This Scrapbook Table Top Lectern was designed by Randall Rosenthal in such a way that it will look stylish and functional. There are many table top lecterns or book stands that you can find available online but this one is definitely one of the most distinctive and striking book stand designs.

About the Artist

Randall Rosenthal is an artist who allows his mind to guide him in whatever masterpiece he creates. Besides creating wooden sculptures, Randall has also used stacks of old newspapers and magazines, comic book collections, stuffed envelopes and various stacks of cash to create novel art pieces.

Thank you very much Randall Rosenthal for allowing us to post and share your Scrapbook Table Top Lecterns.  If you wish to see more of his interesting wooden sculptures, you can go and visit his website.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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