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Source: Diego Fazio

This 3d drawing of a woman looks like a photograph but it is hand drawn and that’s what really makes this artwork interesting.  It conveys strong emotion and it looks expressive. I am impressed with this hyper realistic drawing given the fact that Diego Fazio only used a pencil. What else can I say? This work is absolutely sensational.

About the Sensazioni

This Sensazioni drawing is another proof of Diego’s expertise in hyper realism. Diego can create a lot of deceiving pictures like this with a pencil. It is indeed stupefying to think about how he is able to draw such realistic portraits. Hyper realism is a form of visual art that looks perfectly the same as a high definition photograph. It entails great talent and passion in order to complete.

About the Artist

Diego Fazio (also known as Diego Koi) is a rising star when it comes to hyper realism. He is a professional and traditional artist. He has shared many of his great works on the deviant art website. He also belongs to the group “Hand-Painted”. The greatest influence in his work is a promising Japanese artist named Katsushika Hokusai.

Thank you very much Diego Fazio for allowing us to post and share your Sensazioni hyper realistic drawing. If you wish to see more of his terrific works, you can go and visit his website.

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