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Source: Christian Lorenz Scheurer

The idea of Sky Sailor makes me think of travel and adventures. I can see that there is a fusion of antiquity and modernity in this digital artwork. It made me curious what does a sky sailor do and what are his purposes for navigating the sky. I find this picture interesting and it looks like a snapshot from a 3D film animation.

About the Sky Sailor

This is yet another stunning surreal digital artwork Christian Lorenz Scheurer. As an expert creator of dreamscapes, Christian has used his meticulous eye for details in order to create a 3D setting with the Sky Sailor using the Photoshop. He has used his exceptional vision in conceptualizing and designing the sky sailors floating ship. As usual, he is trying to bring the spectators in a world of imagination through this artwork.

About the Artist

Christian Lorenz Scheurer has become a renowned concept artist because of his rich imagination, clever ideas and exceptional talent in using digital art media. As a matter of fact, Christian is the man behind the peculiar cities and architecture in movies like Thor 2, Man of Steel, Titanic, the Matrix and Animatrix just to name a few. He loves creating impossible worlds and yet they all look realistic. His expertise is in creating alien worlds and cities. He tries to expose his idea of architecture from other worlds.

Thank you very much Christian Lorenz Scheurer for allowing us to post and share your Sky Sailor. If you wish to see more of his dreamscapes, you can go and visit his website.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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