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Source: Joe Fenton
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The Solitude is a large scale drawing that is very thought-provoking. You can see the rich and intricate details in the drawing which appears as if it is 3-dimensional, especially the ornaments and plant details. The creative flair and ingenuity of the artist, Joe Fenton, is very evident in his drawings.

About the Solitude

This Solitude illustration was drawn by Joe Fenton in 2010. It is an enormous 8 feet by 5 feet drawing. Fenton used graphite to draw the foundation and later on added ink and acrylic to outline the drawing.

There are some religious references included in this massive illustration. The artwork looks similar to Baroque and Rococo inspired artworks. Fenton enjoys making his drawings appear like monochrome.

About the Artist

Joe Fenton is a terrific illustrator from the U.S. He previously worked as a film concept designer and sculptor in Disney and Miramax. His works are inspired by surrealists and he loves creating gigantic art pieces.

Thank you very much, Joe Fenton, for allowing us to post and share your Solitude. If you wish to see more of his incredible artworks, you can check and visit his website.

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