Sophie Portrait Made of Shredded Poetry

/Sophie Portrait Made of Shredded Poetry

Sophie Portrait Made of Shredded Poetry

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Source: Jamie Poole
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The Sophie Portrait is a mind-blowing sketch thanks to the use of shredded poetry to create this intricate and realistic portrait. The artist, Jamie Poole, is a devoted and hardworking artist. You can just imagine the amount of persistence and patience needed to complete this ingenious, original, and meticulous work.

About Sophie Portrait Made of Shredded Poetry

The Sophie Portrait was created by Jamie Poole using shredded poetry. This brilliant and unique idea of taking apart printed poems and transforming it into a single artwork, is a unique way of producing large scale portraits. The finished artwork is huge and measures around several feet tall. The artwork reveals painstaking details including the lines and shadows.

About the Artist

Jamie Poole is a visual artist from England who worked as a landscape painter and an art teacher. He loves producing an intriguing fusion of portrait, typography, and collage.

Thank you very much, Jamie Poole, for allowing us to post and share your Sophie Portrait made of shredded poetry. If you wish to see more of his incredible portraits, you can check and visit his website.

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