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Spiritual Security – Celebration

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Source: Alexi Torres
Source's Website: http://www.alexitorres.com/

This is not an ordinary painting because it is a woven painting. It is a painting but it looks like everything is delicately knitted. I believe that this kind of painting is something that will make the spectators curious. What makes this painting more interesting is the message that it tries to convey to the viewers. Spiritual security can be achieved through meditation. It is in introspection where one can find stability and refuge.

About the Spiritual Security – Celebration

This Spiritual Security Celebration is yet another incredible woven painting by Alexi Torres. It is painted in Oil / Canvas and it measures 84″ x 96″. According to Alexi, this painting is very special because a woven artwork is more difficult to complete when created with oil paints than a loom.

About the Artist

Alexi Torres is an Atlanta based artist. His unique style in painting is called woven painting. He never fails to surprise his viewers with the incredible complex details of a woven fabric in his oil paintings. It is a painting technique that is far more tedious than you can imagine. His works depicts his very own recognition of the Earths necessities. The modifications of Alexi in iconic images exemplify both standard and novelty from all divisions of social progress that is all encompassing.

Thank you very much Alexi Torres for allowing us to post and share your Spiritual Security – Celebration. If you wish to see more of his incredible works, you can go and visit his website.

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