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Sponge Bob and Friends Sand Sculpture

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Source: David Billings
Source's Website: http://www.sandemons.com/


I am one hundred percent sure that a lot of people can relate to this sand sculpture. After all, a lot of people knows Spongebob and his friends Patrick and Squidward. Who wouldn’t? Spongebob Square Pants is one of the hippest cartoons in this generation and it is being internationally aired.

About the Sponge Bob and Friends Sand Sculpture

This Sponge Bob and Friends Sand Sculpture was created by the owner-operator of Sandemons Sand Sculpture Company, David Billings. He loves creating fun and exciting sand sculptures that can bring great awe and wonder to people.

About the Artist

David Billings is a very talented sculptor. He can create stunning sculptures from sand and snow and he is also into pumpkin carving. He owns and operates the Sandemons – Sand Sculpture Company. He loves competing in sand sculptures events and making live entertainment with sand sculpting. He likes to inspire and fascinate the young artists. The Sandemons Company has been popular for creating world class outdoor and indoor sand sculpture attractions.

Thank you very much David Billings for allowing us to post and share your Spongebob and Friends Sand Sculpture. If you wish to see more of his amazing sand sculptures, you can go and visit the Sandemons – Sand Sculpture Company Website, Facebook Page and YouTube sites.

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