Statue of Liberty Seashells Mosaic

/Statue of Liberty Seashells Mosaic

Statue of Liberty Seashells Mosaic

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Source: Ken Knowlton
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I was totally mesmerized upon seeing the mosaic of the Statue of Liberty but what amazes me more is when I found out that it is made of different kinds of seashells. I can see that Ken really has a great eye for details and his beautiful masterpiece is definitely worth sharing. This artwork of Ken even made me thrilled to try making my own mosaic with seashells. This Statue of Liberty mosaic is absolutely inspiring.

About the Statue of Liberty Seashells Mosaic

Because of Ken’s masterpiece, I now consider myself as a fan of mosaic made of seashells. For me, it is a clever work especially for the shaded parts. I can see the passion, hard work and talent of Ken in his Statue of Liberty mosaic. This framed mosaic will surely make a very interesting decoration at home. It looks fascinating and magnificent.

About the Author

Ken Knowlton is a computer graphics pioneer and mosaic portraitist. Ken Knowlton says that he’s “been there, done that”: he has been a farmhand, student, teacher, advisor, speaker, reader, mathematician, physicist, computer scientist, chimes player, mountain climber, researcher, inventor, author, artist, critic, son, sibling, father, husband, grandfather, peace and civil rights activist, agnostic, retiree, liberal, cynic and realistic pessimist. He is absolutely a well-rounded person.

Ken has retired from scientific and technical agitation, he is trying to spend the final quarter of his life doing no harm like writing essays and memoirs and using his own computer-assisted methods for planning his artwork, most of which are mosaic portraits.

Thank you very much Ken Knowlton for allowing us to post and share your amazing Statue of Liberty seashells mosaics. If you wish to know more about his fascinating mosaics, you can go and visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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