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Source: Anh Pham

At first, it looks like a robotic invention or some kind of sophisticated transportation vehicle from a cartoon. Then, it appears to be floating over top of the ground. This is actually 3d graffiti art!

About The Dream, DJ Souray 3d graffiti

This 3d graffiti art is a huge 3D image created by Anh Pham. I have learned that Anh Pham wishes that folks will learn more about this sculpture genre. It took him 4 days to complete. Anh Pham intended it to look like plastic, so it would appear to have a little bit of reflection. Op art, used in this artwork, is a mixture of art and science. It is a type of abstract art which creates the impression of motion by the precise utilization of colors and patterns. He has also used shadowing in order to enhance the 3 dimensional features of this graffiti.

About the Artist

Anh Pham is a 3D digital artist from Melbourne, Australia. He is passionate about creating 3 dimensional digital art as a hobby. He is an admin of which is a social network for graffiti and street art. He also belongs to the group Graffiti Nation and is a member of Deviant Art. Anh Pham manages some optical illusion blog sites and is a major contributor for some famous optical illusion websites and also of art for magazines.

Thank you Anh Pham for allowing us to post and share your Dream, DJ Souray 3d graffiti. If you wish to check out more of his 3D graffiti artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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