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Source: Lindsey Wohlman

I got very curious when I saw this picture. This photograph exhibits how tomato rice soup looks like inside a can. This soup tin artwork is indeed fascinating and one of a kind. It is definitely mind blowing to think about how Lindsey Wohlman was able to solidify the tomato rice soup in this photograph.

About the Tomato Rice

This picture is included in the series of 8 prints covering updated dialogues of consumerism and succeeding repercussion against over-labeled products. The recent dispute is the demand that the quality of the product ought to be the over-arching main concern of a business. This is yet another distilled art design from Lindsey Wohlman. I have learned that she liquefied gelatin into the soup and then cooled it for as much as 12 hours in a silicone container and that is how she molds whatever soup or noodle she custom-builds.

About the Artist

Lindsey Wohlman is an expert of distilled art design. Most of her works expose what a product inside the packaging looks like. She has great talent in photography. The process of custom building her distilled art design is very interesting. She follows the footsteps of her mother who was a promising sculptor.

Thank you very much Lindsey Wohlman for allowing us to post and share your Tomato Rice distilled art design. If you wish to know more about her interesting artworks, you can go and visit her website or Twitter .

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