Trevor, He’s an Indian Chameleon

/Trevor, He’s an Indian Chameleon

Trevor, He’s an Indian Chameleon

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Source: Francesca Pitcher

This chameleon is edible!  This is an unbelievable work from Francesca Pitcher. I am sweet toothed and I love eating cakes and this one really made me curious. This cake creation is so unique. I admire the talent, creativity and rich imagination of Francesca for being able to create a cake that looks like a chameleon.

About the Trevor, He’s an Indian Chameleon

This cake is a life size representation of a Chamaeleo Zeylanicus or Indian chameleon as he’s better known. This cake is made from chocolate and Rice Krispie Treats. This is a wonderful cake artwork that is also mouthwatering. Francesca created this cake in such a way that it will look like Trevor’s pretty good at the Hide & Seek game.

About the Artist

Francesca Pitcher is an expert cake artist. She loves mixing her creative visual art with her baking skill and talent. Her cakes are exploding with realistic features. Every cake creation of Francesca’s is truly a “cake bomb”.

Thank you very much Francesca Pitcher for allowing us to post and share your Trevor, He’s an Indian Chameleon cake. If you wish to see more of her cake bombs, you can go and visit to her website. You can also check out her North Star Cakes in Facebook.

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