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Source: Hana Vojáčková

Hana Vojáčková, the photographer of this creative portrait, has a great fascination with mermaids. Her idea to create a multimedia art featuring ladies from different countries and make them appear like mermaids in modern time is very clever. The mermaids in the photo look very enchanting and magical.

About the Trilogy

The Trilogy is a surreal portrait of a mermaid in a pigmented print created by Hana Vojáčková in 2011. This image was photographed in Ida, Iceland which also became part of her Milk & Sea series. The series is comprised of portraits of real-life mermaids from different corners of the world.

About the Artist

Hana Vojáčková is a very talented photographer from Prague, Czech Republic who currently lives and works in London. She enjoys creating portraits of real-life mermaids.

Thank you very much, Hana Vojáčková, for allowing us to post and share your Trilogy. If you wish to see more of her real-life mermaid portraits, you can check and visit her website.

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