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Tulle Couture Piece

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Source: Benjamin Shine

I find this Tulle Couture piece epic.  This extraordinary portrait was handmade and not printed. Benjamin Shine was able to create an expressive portrait in this couture piece which proves his expertise in using tulle fabric as the canvas for his sketches.

About the Tulle Couture Piece

The British artist Benjamin Shine uses a piece of tulle not just for making fancy dresses and curtains. He has discovered that tulle is an excellent canvas for making impressive realistic “paintings”.  Tulle is a fabric that has transparent qualities which give more texture, depth, gradients and tones to the sketch. Benjamin sculpted the image by pressing and pleating the single piece of tulle. He can make tones and shadows by layering the tulle.

About the Artist

Benjamin Shine has been popular for his couture designs. He uses a fabric called tulle because he finds it a very good medium for creating his portrait. He believes that it can give realistic effects to his images. The process of making portraits with this fabric also entails hard work which makes each of his couture design special.

Thank you very much Benjamin Shine for allowing us to post and share your Tulle Couture Piece. If you wish to see more of his works, you can go and visit his website.

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