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Source: Blue Sky

This Tunnel Vision masterpiece is absolutely breath taking. It looks realistic and it proves the expertise of Blue Sky when it comes to creating a 3 dimensional mural artwork. The shadows and the different angles of the rocks are what makes this masterpiece look truly spectacular. I believe that this kind of painting could fool a lot of motorists.

About the Tunnel Vision

According to Blue Sky, the concept of this Tunnel Vision 3d painting came in a dream; it was a vision in a dream and that’s what makes this mural painting interesting. Blue Sky had asked the Arts Commission for an approval to paint and he was given one condition, which was that he was to coordinate with the bank for the funds. They approved the Tunnel Vision project but on the condition that if in one year they were not pleased with it, Blue Sky would replace it with another painting. He was granted $3,000 for a year’s work.  Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony music was inspiration for Blue while he was painting.

About the Artist

Warren Edward Johnson legally changed his name to Blue Sky in 1974.  He is an expert when it comes to creating mind blowing 3 dimensional paintings.  Blue Sky is an artist with a brilliant mind, creativity, passion and ingenuity.  He always exhibits fresh ideas and unique visions in his masterpieces.

Thank you very much Blue Sky for allowing us to post and share your Tunnel Vision masterpiece. If you wish to see more of his incredible paintings, you can go and visit his website.

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