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Turtle Ship with Clock Fishes

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Source: Redmer Hoekstra

I can see Redmer Hoekstra’s inventiveness, rich imagination and eye for detail through this wonderful surreal artwork.  Turtle Ship with Clock Fishes looks like an artistic and colorful collage. This interesting artwork also features a contemporary culture. Working with unusual material is his passion. This is an artwork that depicts a wonderful fantasy in a child’s dream.

About the Turtle Ship with Clock Fishes

Redmer Hoekstra made this collage of Turtle Ship with Clock Fishes. As a surreal illustrator, he used his pencil to combine contrasting elements like the turtle and fish with various lifeless objects like clocks and a ship. There is no doubt that he loves experimenting with different kinds of elements and combining them into one picture. This surreal collage features clever juxtapositions. This meticulous work is rich with irony and bizarre characters.

About the Artist

Redmer Hoekstra is an artist who is inspired by the reality that the world reveals to him. His mind wanders through different scenarios and dreams.  He usually draws complex, mesmerizing drawings that merge animals and daily objects or engines.

Thank you very much Redmer Hoekstra for allowing us to post and share your Turtle Ship with Clock Fishes. If you wish to see more of his artworks and collage, you can go and visit his website.

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