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Source: Bogotá Street Art

Columbia may be considered by many as a country with a dark past. However, the Bogota Street Art made it their mission to inspire and entertain the citizens and tourists through their fascinating street artworks. A lot of passersby are often happily surprised to see unexpected portrait on the street wall.

About the Vhils

The Vhils is a street artwork created by the Bogota Street Art comprised of talented street graffiti artists. These artists have the creative flair and boldness to develop and experiment with different art styles. Their works are often described as ingenious and attention grabbing.

About the Artist

Bogotá Street Art is a group of amazing graffiti street artists. They became popular for their unique and creative works which are labeled as Renaissance street art. This group wants to show the world that Columbia is a country where you can find many international and well-known artists. The artists are commissioned to create striking street facades for corporate and commercial campaigns.

Thank you very much, Bogota Street Art, for allowing us to post and share your Vhils. If you wish to see more of their amazing artworks, you can check and visit their website.

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