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Virgin Huntress

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Source: Dawn Lee Thompson

I find this glass art piece marvelous and I can see the creative talent of Dawn Lee Thompson in creating amazing visual arts with glass and window panel. I do not have any idea how much time and energy that she has committed in completing this awesome art piece.

About the Virgin Huntress

Creating artistic, leaded glass is the first art style interest of Dawn Lee Thompson. She has always had a preference for process oriented art. She has worked very hard in order to develop the skill set required to create this inspirational and well-designed art piece. She was so enthusiastic in completing this art project. Dawn finds it favorable to do this kind of artwork because it helps her achieve equilibrium in her right and left brain processes.  Her bliss in creating handmade crafts, and the sheer pleasure of creating something fantastic has not diminished through the years. While Dawn has great fondness for figural art pieces, she loves to interpret everything that she finds fascinating and exquisite in glass.

About the Artist

Dawn Lee Thompson loves creating artwork that captures the wonderful blend of tranquility and drama shown in the best of traditional glass craft while integrating a contemporary style. She combines customary resources and design elements with contemporary colors, arrangement and theme to produce a truly unique work of art. She works with the finest materials and her proficient artistry. Dawn works hard to build an emotional response with her work. Her art pieces increase the visual effect of her subject by applying the drama of light, colors and textures of glass.

Thank you very much Dawn Lee Thompson for allowing us to post and share your Virgin Huntress. If you wish to see more of her interesting artworks, you can go and visit her website.

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