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We’re Here Ghosts of War

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Source: Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse

This picture looks like a scene from a dream. I find it a clever idea to present the World War II photo overlaid with ghost soldiers onto the modern street scene. I can see the creative visualization and the great sense of history that Jo has through this surreal photo manipulation. Jo was able to create an excellent fusion of the present day and the original World War II pictures of the same place. She has creatively unified them in a stunning single photograph.

About the We’re Here Ghosts of War

Jo manipulated this photo by including soldier ghosts in the scene. This photo manipulation is somewhat surreal. Jo tried to share how she fantasizes the arrival of the soldiers in this street many years ago. She has overlapped pictures of soldiers, making them look like ghosts in this picture.

About the Artist

Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse is an artist who has a great fascination with history. She loves gazing at old photographs and tries to daydream what life would have been like if ever she had lived in that era. She grew up in an old house that made it very easy for her to envisage the past. She is currently a contributor to the Ghosts of History niche.

Thank you very much Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse for allowing us to post and share your We’re Here Ghosts of War. If you wish to see more of her incredible artwork, you can visit her website.

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