Werther’s Original Mount Rushmore

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Werther’s Original Mount Rushmore

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Source: Jim Victor
Source's Website: http://www.jimvictor.com/

I was wonder struck with this Werther’s Original Mount Rushmore. It looks well detailed and an astounding imitation of the original massive sculpture. This was created in celebration of the National Caramel Day.  Werther’s Original has handpicked the couple Jim Victor and Marie Pelton in sculpting the Mt. Rushmore out of chewy caramel. I have watched the sneak peek video of how this enormously sweet monument was incredibly completed.

About Werther’s Original Mount Rushmore

This Werther’s Original Mount Rushmore is an amazing food sculpture that was created by Jim Victor together with his wife Marie Pelton. They are a fascinating couple who were inspired to use food as their prime medium for sculpting. They can excellently transform their client’s concept and design into amazing edible masterpieces.

About the Artist

Jim Victor is an amazing food sculptor. He has had 30 years of experience as a sculptor and a teacher. His works were featured in private and public collections including the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. He had also worked on commission based projects for food sculptures with his wife. He had produce many food sculptures for corporate events, state affairs and gatherings. Jim’s work were jaw dropping and he has been featured in the Believe it or Not.

Thank you very much Jim Victor for allowing us to post and share your Werther’s Original Mount Rushmore. If you wish to see more of his amazing food sculpture, you can go and visit his website.

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