West Buffalo Hybrid Metal Art

/West Buffalo Hybrid Metal Art

West Buffalo Hybrid Metal Art

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Source: John Lopez

The combination of iron and bronze looks quite stunning in this West Buffalo metal sculpture. This art piece is intriguing especially the way the body of the buffalo is put together.

About the West Buffalo Hybrid Metal Art

This West Buffalo Hybrid Metal Art is a metal sculpture created by John Lopez. He used donated pieces of metal to create this art form. Lopez prefers using metal in his sculptures because of its unique texture and calls his style scrap iron sculpting.

About the Artist

John Lopez is a visual artist from South Dakota and enjoys producing life-sized scrap metal sculptures. He started with bronze sculpting but his interest in sculpting scrap iron has made him a more progressive artist. Lopez uses old discarded farm equipment in his projects and transforms them into sculptures of icons from the American West such as a bison, horse plowing a field or Texas Longhorn.

Thank you very much, John Lopez, for allowing us to post and share your West Buffalo Hybrid Metal Art. If you wish to see more of his welded sculptures, you can check and visit his website.

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