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Winter 2013

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Source: Michael Grab
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In the Winter, the beautifully arranged stones seem to be floating and look balanced in a very natural way. The stone arrangement perfectly depicts the absolute divinity and wonders of nature. An uploaded video shows how the artist Michael Grab works on balancing the stones which is quite impressive. It is definitely a must-see video for everyone who wants to learn stone arrangement.

About Winter 2013

The Winter, a mind-blowing art form was created by Michael Grab in 2013. Grab loves creating balanced stones to inspire people to search for inner peace and achieve harmony in life. Another motivation of Grab for conceptualizing this artwork is to allow people to manifest their own resonation and apply it by balancing the stones.

About the Artist

Michael Grab is a brilliant artist and originator of the Gravity Glue which displays the art of balancing stones. It took him many years of practice in order to master this unique art style and technique. His creative process allows him to keep his mind away from the busy world. It also allows him to practice balancing energy, ingenuity, and at the same time, create variation.

Thank you very much, Michael Grab, for allowing us to post and share your Winter 2013. If you wish to see more of his amazing gravity glue masterpieces, you can check and visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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