Woman in a Tree Paper Cut

/Woman in a Tree Paper Cut

Woman in a Tree Paper Cut

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Source: Elsa Mora
Source's Website: http://www.artisaway.com/

This is a very creative, imaginative and detailed piece of artwork. It conveys the wandering thoughts of a dreamer. This paper cut artwork depicts a dream world where impossible things become possible.

About the Woman in a Tree Paper Cut

Elsa Mora shares her creativity and talent through this artwork. Everything is made by paper cutting and folding. This is Elsa’s expertise, she specializes in constructing many different things through paper cutting. In this artwork, she used colorful papers to illustrate a child’s dream.

About the Artist

Elsa Mora was not born in a perfect world and her life isn’t faultless either. However, she has rich imagination, creativity and great talent in paper cutting. Just like many others on this planet, Elsa imagined a better destiny for herself. She had to hold on to her dream destiny inside of her head day after day. She was able to construct an infallible world by cutting and folding papers, which allowed her dream to “live”. She allows other people to connect to her fantasy world with her paper cut artworks.

Thank you very much Elsa Mora for allowing us to post and share your paper cut artworks. If you wish to see more of her creative paper cutting, you can go and visit her website.

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