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Source: Ron1649

The customization of this computer wall paper looks calming and peaceful.  I must say that the artists are prolific creators of beautiful art. Two deviant artists, “Ron 1649” and “mighty ~Flamegfx” created this work together.

About the XII

The XII is a collaboration between Ron1649 and mighty ~Flamegfx. They made this for the twelfth art pack at terracotta, The Beach. Ron made the initial terrain, surface and space and Flame worked on the pov, atmo, color tuning, clouds and water. Files were modified by both Ron1649 and mighty ~Flamegfx, but it is Ron who listed their major contributions aforementioned. This is an 8:5 wallpaper that measures 1920×1200. You can get the 1280×1024 version when you visit Flame’s submission.  Any other size is available by request.

About the Artist

Ron1649 had been a member of the deviant art website for 8 years, where he shares his incredible work. His web pages have already gained thousands of views. His tools of trade are tg, ps, c4d, pencil and pen. He is a wall paper creator who is very much interested in working on different landscapes and scenery.

Thank you very much Ron1649 for allowing us to post and share your wall paper customization XII. If you wish to see more of his fascinating works, you can go and visit his deviant art web page.

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