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Yusuke Asai – Botanical Feast

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This Botanical Feast artwork seems to be telling a story. The richness in the detail and the colorfulness of this art piece make it look somehow cultural. Over all it looks lovely and attractive.

About Yusuke Asai – Botanical Feast

The Botanical Feast artwork was created by Yusuke Asai. He is one of the most popular and most featured artist found in the Arataniurano Art Gallery in Tokyo. Yusuke Asai loves free drawing with soil, masking tape, pens, water, etcetera, which makes his artworks look ingenious and striking. He is also into mud painting using soil, water and cow dung. His art style is quite experimental in nature.

About the Artist

Arataniurano is an art gallery in Tokyo, Japan that has an Edo-era atmosphere. This is a special art place that highlights the traditional creations and the renowned Tsukiji fish market. It is being run by Tomoko Aratani and Mutsumi Urano, Arataniurano is comprised of developing and time-honored artists from Japan and abroad. It is a great place where collaborations of artists is also possible. This gallery also aims to arrange, not only art exhibits, but also consider thrives on experimental art projects.

Thank you very much Arataniurano for allowing us to post and share your Yusuke Asai – Botanical Feast. If you wish to see more of their amazing paintings and creative works, you can visit the Arataniurano website.

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