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Sokoban Geek – Online Puzzle Game


Sokoban Geek (Sokoban is Japanese for warehouse keeper) is a yet another great transport puzzle game.

Also in Sokoban Geek you have to push boxes to a dedicated location, this time a door will open if all boxes are in the correct location so you can move to the next level.

Can you solve all 30 Sokoban Geek levels with a minimum of moves? Happy Puzzling!


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Sudoku Unbound #1 – Sudoku for Kindle


Sudoku Unbound #1 is a collection of one hundred, fun, elegant, carefully crafted Sudoku puzzles for your Kindle Reading Device by Puzzazz.

This Sudoku Unbound puzzle collection gives you a great solving experience right on the page. Of course, you can use in-cell notes as you solve, just like you do on paper. If you’re having trouble, move on to a different puzzle – you can always turn back to that page later. Or, get a hint and keep going.

You’ll be both challenged and delighted with this book of puzzles that fit your personal skill [Read More...]

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Let It Slide – Online Puzzle Game


Let It Slide is an addictive tile sliding puzzle game.

Object is to slide light brown wooden tile(s) to dark brown goal space(s). There are 5 tutorial levels followed by three different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

A walkthrough for Let It Slide is linked from within the game. Happy Puzzling!


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Pillowed Holey Skewb Cube


Pillowed Holey Skewb Cube by Meffert’s is a pillowed face puzzles, designed by Tony Fisher, that fit perfectly into the palm of ones hands (which are not flat).

Pillowed Holey Skewb Cube uses a new spherical core (also designed by Tony Fisher) which when turning has a camera like shutter effect of opening and closing the lens in the Holey Skewb cube. Its a great new mechanism for the new Pillowed Skewb range.

Buy Pillowed Holey Skewb Cube puzzle at PuzzleMaster. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Rubik's Cube


Catalan – Online Puzzle Game


Catalan is a very addictive online puzzle game by Increpaire.

Object is to reduce the organism, click on a node with three connected nodes to make the three nodes disappear. End each level with just one node.

And yes, there are way too many levels, so this puzzle game will keep you busy for a long while. Happy Puzzling! (via BonteGames)


Category: All Puzzles, Math Puzzles


Colliderix 2 – Physics Puzzler


Colliderix 2 is a lovely online physics puzzler and sequel of Colliderix

Object of this physics puzzler is to destroy all pink and yellow blocks by colliding them with other blocks of the same color. You can delete orange blocks by clicking on them.

You make more points if you complete each of the 26 levels fast. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Physics-Based Puzzlers


Ingenious – iPhone / Online Puzzle Game


More than three years after Ingenious Board Game, a best-selling and award-winning puzzle board gameIngenious, by German designer Reiner Knizia, you can now also Play Ingenious Online and play Ingenious Game on your iPhone.

Ingenious is easy to play, but very difficult to master puzzle game. Ingenious is a unique combination of strategy and luck. Object is to conquer the Ingenious board through the careful placement of rows of colors. With every move, you create new possibilities. The [Read More...]

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