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Grow Tower Game


Grow Tower is another grow game by EyezMaze.

Also for Grow Tower object is to click the five panels in the correct order and make the tower grow. You would complete the game when all panels’ level would become Lv.MAX.

You have to think about the order since there are deep relations with each panel when they are growing. Happy Puzzling!

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Isoball 3 – Physics Puzzler


Isoball is back with sequel Isoball 3 and this episode has new blocks, new levels and much more cool puzzle stuff.

Object is to guide the ball to the hole using the available pieces in all 75 levels. An animated tutorial and walk-through is provided within the puzzle game. Happy Puzzling!

Update: There is also Isoball for iPhone/iPod/iPad . Tags:

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Quadrus – Online Puzzle Game


Quadrus is an online puzzle game in Tangram style.

Object of this brainteaser is to assemble squares and complete the puzzles with Tangram look-a-like pieces.

Place the different shaped pieces on the game-grid and create 2×2 squares with the given pieces to win points and move to the next level. Happy Puzzling!


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NY Times Crosswords for Kindle


NY Times Crosswords is collection of 30 crossword puzzles for your Kindle Reading Device.

NY Times Crosswords comes with a bundle of 30 world famous challenging puzzles handpicked by The New York Times. You can solve unassisted or get help using the reveal one letter or entire answer functionality. You can even check for errors.

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Hide Caesar – Physics Puzzler


Hide Caesar is just like Save The Penguin an addictive physics puzzler in Cover Orange style.

Your goal is to hide Caesar (the coin) from things falling from the sky. You can hide Caesar by dropping objects that will cover Caesar and keep him hidden. If the objects have a red glow they will not be allowed to drop to hide Caesar. Remember if you hide Caesar well no silver bricks will land on him.

Can you hide Caesar in all 20 puzzling [Read More...]

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Magnetic Block Puzzle


Magnetic block puzzle is yet another puzzle based on tilt, and yet another great online puzzle game by Graham Rogers.

This variation on the tilt puzzle theme uses sliding blocks similar to the original tilt-puzzles, but this time the blocks cling like magnets when they come side by side.

Aim of Magnetic Block is simply to unite all the blocks into their color groups, it doesn’t matter exactly where. Happy Puzzling!


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Shift is Back – Shift: Freedom!


Shift is finally back with the with the fifth episode of this platform puzzler, this time it’s not called Shift 5 but Shift: Freedom!

Shift 5 is called Shift: Freedom! This time there are four chapters and an Escapes to solve. In total 40 levels and four escapes. You have to beat the chapters to unlock the mini games (a Slider Puzzle, Diffotron, PipeMaze and Boss Endurance).

Shift is back and even better, as puzzle lover you can really enjoy the fifth version of SHIFT. Happy Puzzling!

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