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Franklin New York Times Crossword Puzzle Dictionary


Find more than 325,000 clues and answer words from Merriam-Webster’s Crossword Puzzle Dictionary, 3rd Edition. Comprehensive and relevant coverage of words, people and place-names most encountered by puzzlers.

Franklin’s New York Times Crossword Puzzle Dictionary includes geographic and biographic references, like cities, poets, presidents, capitals, movie stars and much more! Instantly target the words you need alphabetically, by number of letters and by common categories.

Buy Franklin New York Times Crossword Puzzle Dictionary at Amazon. Happy Puzzling!

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Tetris Labs – Shift With A Tetris Twist


Tetris Labs is a Shift look-a-like platformer with a Tetris twist.

Object of Tetris Labs is get the little guy to the flower, Tetris Blocks are there to help you to reach the goal in each level, use them carefully as they are your only help.

There are 30 levels of puzzle fun and three bonus levels, can you beat every level? Happy Puzzling!


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Disney’s Finding Nemo: My Puzzle Book for iPhone and iPad


Follow Nemo’s underwater adventure in Disney’s Finding Nemo: My Puzzle Book in this app designed for iPhone and iPad.

Nemo’s first day at school leads to a bigger journey than he ever imagined. Follow the story as Marlin searches for Nemo, solve jigsaw puzzles, and collect fish tank treasures along the way in this Finding Nemo Puzzle Book app. Happy Puzzling!


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Gravi – Gravity Block Puzzle Game


Gravi is a simple looking but sometimes difficult sliding puzzle game with gravity as physics effect.

Object of Gravi is to reach a particular position with a particular block or more blocks as you can see when you press the goal button.

You can move a block and place it somewhere else but, after each move, every block must be fully supported by blocks below or the bottom.

There are 11 puzzles for you to solve, can you solve each puzzle in the minimum number of steps possible? Happy Puzzling!


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Sumon A Simple Math Puzzle Game


Sumon is a simple math puzzle game for kids you can choose between two game modes: easy and hard.

Object of Sumon is to combine the numbers you need to reach the total sum shown at the right top of the math game.

Complete a full panel to move to the next level. The more blocks you use and the farther apart, the more points you’ll earn. Happy Puzzling!

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Gravity Boy – Platform Puzzler in Shift Style


Gravity Boy is yet another physics platform puzzler in Shift style and this time in color.

Object is to manipulate gravity in this platform puzzler Gravity Boy, collect all 175 starts while you move Gravity Boy in each level to the exit. Happy Puzzling!


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4D Washington DC Skyline Time Puzzle


4D Cityscape recreates world famous city skylines not only in three dimensions (using scale-model buildings), but also along the axis of fourth dimension time, spanning over 100 years of its architectural history.

The 4D jigsaw puzzle includes many detailed plastic replicas that depict the city as it appeared as far back as 1800 through to the present and future. Each puzzle includes famous monuments, buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, and more.The streets glow in the dark, emphasizing the city’s glow. Includes a Time Poster that includes a history of the city.

The online educational feature includes more than 2000 facts. You can [Read More...]

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