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The Hinged Square & Other Puzzles (Mastermind Collection)


A great new book by one of the masters of Recreational Mathematics and Puzzles. The hinged Square & other Puzzles will give hours of fun to puzzlers of all abilities and interests. Just to get warmed up, Ivan shows us how to construct triangles, squares, pentagons, pentagrams, hexagons, heptagons, hexagrams, octagons, heptagons, octagrams and nonagons ,all with only a compass and a straight edge. Then he reminds us of something we’ve known since childhood; that no two snowflakes are alike. He shows 5 designs and tells us about Bentley (1865-1931), who was the first to photograph one in 1885,and went [Read More...]

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The Big, Big, Big Book of Brainteasers Paperback


I have been interested in puzzles of all kinds since a youth, over 60 years ago. I have hundreds of puzzles and over 600 books of puzzles and Mathematical Recreations. I just obtained The Big, Big, Big Book of Brainteasers a couple of weeks ago, and even though I haven’t done all the puzzles–yet; I have no hesitation in saying that it is one of the best I’ve ever seen. What makes a puzzle book stand out above the plethora of those that have been published is that it should have a wide variety of puzzles, and there should [Read More...]

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Cyclone Puzzle


This ball might not suggest that it is a puzzle unless someone told you it was. It claims to be fairly difficult at 8 out of 10.  Cyclone Puzzle consists of 30, identically shaped pieces. Each piece has 2 straight sides and 2 curved sides, opposite to one another, On each corner is a “hook”. The pieces are made of thin, fairly flexible plastic. It is simple to take apart, starting at any point where the pieces are “hooked” together. Putting it together is a little harder, but it is quite obvious once you get started. There [Read More...]

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The Great Book of Math Teasers Paperback


The Great Book of Math Teaser is a good little book of puzzles. However, the title is somewhat misleading. It is hardly “Great”. It has only 96 pages and there are only 81 puzzles in the book and not all the puzzles involve math, in fact some are what you would call magic tricks, screw or cog puzzles, river crossing problems, dice puzzles, matchstick puzzles etc. In other words a good variety of puzzles. However, they are all mind teasers of one type or another; and will entertain and challenge anyone who likes puzzles. Generally speaking this collection [Read More...]

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Cast Cricket – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle


Some of these Cast Cricket puzzles can be very difficult. They often have a “move” that is the key to solving them. However; once you know the “secret” many are very simple. When you don’t find the secret, you tend to repeat the same thing over and over, without solving the puzzle. I don’t know whether it was pure luck or what; but I took this one apart in less than a minute. If you are looking for a “beginner puzzle” this would be a good choice. It is made of cast metal; but is not as strong [Read More...]

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Family Games XS Head Stress Series Branch Out IQ Collection Puzzle


The Branch Out Puzzle is a puzzle that actually looks a lot harder to solve than it really is. However; that all depends on how you start. If it is assembled as shown, and you look at it for a bit before taking it apart, to which there is no difficulty at all; then it isn’t too difficult in putting it together again. However, if someone were to disassemble it and hand it to you in pieces, and tells you to assemble the pieces into something, the results would be something else. It seems to me that it is [Read More...]

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Hanayama Cage Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle


Cast Cage is a medium difficulty puzzle. It is not particularly intimidating, and a puzzle others will want to “try”; especially if they’ve just seen someone else solve it. Like many puzzles of this type it is much more of a challenge to remove the star than to replace it. Obviously the star must be in the right position to get out and it will come out of only one opening. It is also obvious that it cannot exit via either hole in the ends of the cage. Other than that, you’re on your own. The other [Read More...]

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