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Love Test Puzzle


Hold on to your boots people. Here comes the corniest puzzle intro of all time. Have you ever wanted to see how much someone really loves you? Well now you can with the Love Test Puzzle!!! For onlyÖ.. Ha! It had to be done. Anyway, the puzzle Iím going to talk about is the Love Test Puzzle. The name is interesting and fits with the theme of the puzzle. The object of the Love Test Puzzle is to remove the wooden heart and string from the wooden container. The container measures 3.35 in x 2.56 in x 2.17 and fits [Read More...]

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Well Game Puzzle


Now that Iíve had a chance to try a few puzzles, I wanted to get one that would look nice on my desk and didnít take up too much space. Iíve already tried a few but they didnít quite work out for various reason until I obtained the Well Game Puzzle. The puzzle is also called Brunnen puzzle or Brunnen Spiel. Brunnen Spiel is German for Well Game. This puzzle is designed by Markus Goetz and manufactured by a German game and puzzle company called Philos. This is my first Philos puzzle and it has left a very good impression [Read More...]

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Centrale Puzzle


Throughout my short trip through puzzle land, Iíve noticed a few puzzle designers that stand out. One of them is Jean-Claude Constantin and in this review, Iím going to talk about one of his puzzles called Centrale. I took an interest in Jean-Claudeís puzzles because of their contemporary look. The main reason I like to collect puzzles is the enjoyment of understanding the puzzle mechanics and solving them of course. However, it helps when the puzzles look great. Jean-Claude’s puzzles comfortably fill all those requirements. I did a little research and found out that there are two versions of the [Read More...]

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Hungarian Tower of Babel puzzle


This week we have the Hungarian Tower of Babel puzzle.† This is an old school puzzle that came out around the same time as the Rubik’s cube.† I donít remember seeing this puzzle as a kid but I wish did I because it is a lot of fun.† The goal is to scramble up the colors and then place the colors back in place.† There is an added difficulty because each color goes from a very light to dark.† I have not quite solved it yet but Iíve been having a great time playing [Read More...]

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Cast Starfish


Welcome back puzzle fans! Today I have the Cast Starfish designed by a famed Japanese puzzle designer by the name of Akio Yamamoto and manufactured by Hanayama. This is only one of several sea life puzzles that Mr. Yamamoto has made over the years. The goal of the puzzle is to free the ring (which is two mackerel fish) from the starfish. I picked this one first because it reminded me of the time I visited Monterey Bay in California. The main reason I took a trip to that town was for the aquarium. If you have not been there, [Read More...]

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Bottle 4 Puzzle

Bottle 4

This is my first bottle puzzle. It is simply called Bottle 4 and was manufactured by a Belgium puzzle company called Eureka. Wil Strijbos designed the puzzle. The goal of this puzzle is to remove the metal ring from the bottle. Puzzle Master rates this puzzle an 8 out of 10 as far as difficulty. Getting the ring out was not that difficult but putting the ring back took a little longer. There is a way to get the ring out without following the proper solution method. This puzzle is a cool addition to my puzzle collection and I look [Read More...]

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Merry Go Round Puzzle

Merry Go Round Puzzle

Hello puzzle fans. This week Iím going to talk about a puzzle by a German puzzle company called Philos. This is a string puzzle and the goal is to remove the rope from the puzzle. Puzzle Master rates this a 7 out of 10 as far as difficulty. I like the look of this puzzle as well as the sound it makes while I was attempting to solve it. The tangling wood spheres will occasionally make contact with the pillars. The sound reminded me of wooden chimes. I have to admit that I find string puzzles difficult and I have [Read More...]

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