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Hexagon Unlim by FMC Studio


This is a fun and challenging puzzle game that uses a great combination of logical and pictorial imagery to stretch your brain to the limits. If you enjoy some good old brain training but find you are a visual person, this digital download is perfect for your collection. You begin with a series of colored grids in each new game, and the final goal is to create a tree with branches in essence to complete the puzzle. Each of the parts of the tree must be connected which may seem generally simple but as the grids increase in complexity you [Read More...]

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Hashi Bridges


Hashi Bridges is a logical puzzle game that is designed to challenge your mind in many different ways. From the creator of Sudoku, the game is known in Japan as Hashiwokakero. The goal of the game seems simple (although it may not be as it seems), Connect the islands with bridges and by utilizing both logic and skill.

This game is as much addicting as it is entertaining, challenging all of your logic and puzzle solving skills to complete a seemingly simple objective. The game offers four separate difficulty levels, allowing for people of all ages and proficiencies to [Read More...]

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Famous Bridges


Famous Bridges Puzzles is a completely free bridge tile-swapping puzzle game available in the Google Play app store, and features amazing pictures of some of the most famous bridges around the world. This puzzle app allows you to enjoy a nice puzzle without the mess and frustration of managing thousands of pieces, while challenging you and providing hours of entertainment.

The beautiful architecture featured in this app brings together structures from around the world, providing architectural lovers with magnificent and beautiful pictures. This puzzle game features some of the world‚Äôs most beautiful bridges, allowing you to craft these wonderful [Read More...]

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Einsteinís Logic by Agent0013 Designs


Einsteinís logic is a new and interesting twist on some beloved puzzle classics designed completely with the Android in mind. Similar to favorites such as Such as Sudoku which uses logic to solve increasing difficult brain challenges, this new digital download is a definite must-have from Android puzzle fans.

The puzzles work similar to games you may have played that use word associates to determine items, for example you may have discovered who lives in the green house with a set of clues like they live next door to the person with a dog that lives across from the [Read More...]

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Statue of Liberty Seashells Mosaic

Statue of Liberty Mosaic

I was totally mesmerized upon seeing the mosaic of the Statue of Liberty and was amazed to find out that it is made of different kinds of seashells. I can see that Ken really has a great eye for details and his beautiful masterpiece is definitely worth sharing. This artwork of Kens even inspires me to try making my own mosaic with seashells.

About the Statue of Liberty Seashells Mosaic

Because of Kenís masterpiece, I now consider myself a fan of seashell mosaic artwork. The shaded parts of the image stick out to me. I can see the passion, hard [Read More...]

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Droid Machine


In Droid Machine, your goal is to create a machine with a psychic entity to collide yellow elements. The current version provides you with not only the original game, but also access to user created levels online. In addition, you can also create and publish levels and solutions of your own for the community to enjoy, while constantly competing with your peers for the high score. You can also find solutions to the series itself online.

The pro version of the game offers exclusive, pro-only features such as; The removal of ads from the game, all levels and bonuses [Read More...]

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Zebra Barcode Art

Zebra Barcode Art

I find this clever piece of artwork both creative and funny.† I never thought that it would be possible to create such an amazing image with a bar code. Zebra Barcode Art really attracts my attention.† It is such a fabulous idea and a super unique design.

About the Zebra Barcode Art

This is one of the best digital arts that I have ever seen on the World Wide Web. I think that this could be a perfect gift that would surprise and delight your friends or loved ones. I found out that there is a variety of options for [Read More...]

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