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Factory Balls 3 – Online Puzzle Game


In an interview with Passion For Puzzles a few months ago, Belgian game designer Bart Bonte already announced Factory Balls 3. As Factory Balls is the game Bart is most proud of Factory Balls 3 was inevitable.

Factory Balls 3 is a new episode in the Factory Balls series (Factory Balls and Factory Balls 2), so you know the deal: drag and drop a ball over the tools to produce the required ball physics in each of the 30 challenging levels. Happy [Read More...]

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Defuse – Online Puzzle Game


Defuse is a (partly confusing) puzzle game by Amalgamated Research Group.

Defuse requires all your puzzle, logic and mathematical skills. In different rooms you will have to defuse bombs by entering the right stuff. Happy Puzzling!


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Alice Maze – Online Puzzle Game


Alice Maze is a very hard online maze puzzle game.

Game play is easy, you start Alice maze on the red square, and your current position is always shown in red. You must make a series of moves that will take you to the goal. Begin each move by following one of the arrows in the red square, travel in a straight line for a distance equal to d, and then click on the square where your move ends.

When the maze begins, d equals 1. When you land on a square with a red arrow, 1 [Read More...]

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Jigsaw Puzzle Stool


Precisely die cut to fit together as snugly as the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, these cleverly designed sheesham wood stools can be combined for a multitude of uses.

In any arrangement, they provide impromptu seating, a novel surface for plants or magazines, and ample material for jump-starting conversations. Chain-link two or more to create a table or bench of any length. 14″W x 22″L x 17″H. (approx. 35.5 cm x 56 cm x 43 cm).

Jigsaw Puzzle Stool is available for $195 via VivaTerra, (set of 2 Jigsaw Puzzle Stools costs $349). [via [Read More...]

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Puffball Puzzles – Online Puzzle Game


Puffball Puzzles is yet another simple physics puzzle game.

Object is to get all the Puffballs safely to the exits in each of the 15 levels. Click on different objects to remove or move them and click on the tree to release Puffballs. Happy Puzzling!


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Beadles – Physics Match Three Puzzle Game


Beadles Game is a physics based match three puzzle game by Kite Games.

Object is to collect at least three beads of same color and they will disappear. Click and drag the beads to move them. Don’t let the beads to remain in ‘danger zone’ – the cat is not sleeping. Watch out, the beads can get tangled. To unhook the bead from the string just grab it with the mouse and shake. Happy Puzzling!


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Perplexus – 3D Maze Puzzle Ball


Perplexus Maze Game is a 3D maze puzzle game ball where players must maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a transparent sphere.

Unlike traditional flat-surface mazes that are composed of one path, Perplexus houses various exhilarating tracks with 100 barriers and provides a three dimensional experience. Players select which track they would like to attempt, and then must work with gravity and carefully shift, flip, and twist the sphere to guide the marble. Players can race each other or the clock.

On top of being entertaining, Perplexus is also an educational toy, and assists [Read More...]

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