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Puzzle Bookshelf


Puzzle Bookshelf by KidKraft is a unique piece of child’s furniture in primary colors.

This imaginative puzzle shaped bookcase is a great place to store children’s books, toys, and collectibles. With this bookshelf a child’s room can be functional and fun.

The pieces are interchangeable and can sit side by side if you’d rather set them up horizontal. Size: 25″ x 11.5″ x 37.5″

Buy Puzzle Bookshelf from Happy Puzzling!


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Sudoku toilet paper rolled out


Probably you have seen this item about Sudoku Loo Rool already on different weblogs, but this time I could not resist to publish the text provided by UPI (United Press International).

Fans of numerical Sudoku puzzles could be spending more time sitting in the bathroom now that toilet paper with individual puzzles on each sheet is available.

Developed in Britain, its creators call the printed Sudoku Loo Roll “long, strong and entertaining,” and charge about $8 per roll on the Web site.

The site also says if a user makes it mistake, it’s [Read More...]

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Stockdoku – Sudoku With a Stock Market Twist


Do you like Sudoku or crossword puzzles? Then Schaeffer’s Stockdoku is the game for you!

Stockdoku is the same Sudoku-type game you love, with a stock market twist! The normal numbers from 1 to 9 in the Sudoku puzzle are replaced by nine ticker symbols with the highest Schaeffer’s Equity Scorecard rating of the day.

Arrange the nine ticker symbols so that there are no duplicates in any of the 3×3 grids; across any 9×9 row; or in any 9×9 column — and you’re a winner. Happy Puzzling!


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New Record at Rubik’s Cube Marathon


During an official WCA cube marathon Zbigniew Zborowski broke the official WCA cube marathon record by solving 3,390 Rubik’s cubes within 24 hours.

The old record was 3,141 cubes, set in February 2006 by Brent Morgan. Also a group of six Polish cubers (Lukasz Cialon 3355, Adam Wojtyla 2540, Zbigniew Zborowski 3390, Artur Justynski 2162, Adrian Banas 2481 and Tadeusz Tomala 2011) solved the grand total of 15,939 cubes in 24 hours.

The full results of the Cube Marathon are available via Happy Puzzling!

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Monster Sudoku


For the Sudoku die hards there is Monster Sudoku, also called Dodeka Sudoku. It is bigger and can be more difficult than normal Sudoku’s. Monster Sudoku can have a 12×12 or 16×16 grid.

Times Online offers daily a 12×12-grid Dodeka Sudoku with 12 regions each being 4×3, which has to be completed with 0 through F (used in hexadecimal). Some Monster Sudoku’s also use 1 through G rather in stead of 0 through F.

The rules of the new Dodeka and Monster Sudoku’s are exactly the same, but more numbers and letters are needed. The 12×12 Sudoku puzzles require [Read More...]

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The Google Maps Quiz


Where is that? That’s the question. The Google Maps Quiz is part of Mindpicnic, a website for self-directed learning.

Mindpicnic integrated Google Maps into this nice quiz. The Google Maps Quiz shows at the top a part of the earth and you have to point on a map the world where it is.

The Google Maps quiz shows you than the difference between the original place and the place you pointed out. At one of my attempts I had a picture of the Atlantic Ocean and missed just by 382 [Read More...]

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Pearls Before Swine I, II and III – Online Puzzle Game


Pearls Before Swine is a flash puzzle game, also know as nim, it is a very addictive strategy puzzle which you can play for hours, days, months if you want to.

Pearls Before Swine is a two-player mathematical game of strategy. The rules are simple. The pearls are grouped into rows and consist of number of pearls.

On each turn, a player must remove at least one pearl, and may remove any number of pearls provided they all come from the same row.

The object of the game is to leave the last pearl for your opponent. If you really [Read More...]

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