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Sudoku Video Game


Play Sudoku on your TV with this Sudoku Video Game. According to First Street

“It’s easy to set up, plugging directly into the television, and provides a nearly unlimited supply of puzzles ranging from the easy to the difficult.

Multiple functions allow you to get help on a difficult puzzle, note possible numbers for one square, or create your own puzzles. A timer lets you see how long it takes you to complete a puzzle”.

For $29.95 it’s yours. For more information check-out their Sudoku Video Game page. Happy Puzzling!

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Thought Behind a Puzzle


By looking at the picture I thought is was just a simple puzzle, but I was wrong. This is Art and I found it on a website called Art Wanted.

This fine piece of art is called “Puzzle – for print purposes” and painted by Asbjorn Lonvig with Acrylic on canvas, 201 x 139 cm (79.2 x 54,8 inches). It is inspired by company Easy Food in Denmark. This Puzzle symbolizes the human resource policy (HR) in this industrial company.

The original is already sold but you can still buy a [Read More...]

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100+ Free Printable Sudoku’s


As requested by a reader of this blog just another link to more than 100+ printable Sudoku’s for free in pdf format.

Available in levels Easy, Medium and Hard. For the ones how love to solve Sudoku’s online for free just click here to visit the online Sudoku pages of

There are twelve Sudoku puzzles to solve, from very easy to very hard, each giving away a letter of the 12-character password that gets you to see the congratulations message. Happy Puzzling!


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A few weeks ago in a Belgium magazine called Humo was a Sudoku variant I did not know yet. It is called ChaoSudoku.

Unfortunately this magazine ended up in the paper recycling bin (what is good for the environment) but now I was unable to scan it and publish it right here. The nine, 3 by 3, squares are replace by random shaped boxes with space for still the nine digits you need to enter within the Sudoku. The rule that in each column and row must completed by the digits one till nine is [Read More...]

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Solutions for Katamino [Penta 3 till Penta 6]


As promised a few days ago more solutions for Katamino. Still a result from my birthday present a few weeks ago.

Progress is not as fast as I hoped for but I am really busy the last few weeks. The solution for Penta 3, penta 4, penta 5 and penta 6 can be found in this pdf-document [280 kb]. The solutions for the other Penta’s will be published soon at this blog. So please be sure you bookmark blog this puzzle blog. Happy [Read More...]

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Jigsawdoku – Jigsaw Sudoku


At jigsawdoku you can find a nice flash version of Sudoku. And the best of all, it’s for free. Just drag the numbers into the Sudoku grid.

There are Sudoku’s for children as well as the real Sudoku addicts. There are 4×4 (easy), 6×6 (easy and medium) and 9×9 (easy, medium and hard) Sudoku’s available. And to make the Sudoku more difficult you can use instead of numbers, symbols or letters.

It’s still a beta release but I did not find any problems using it. I really liked the drag and drop option of this Sudoku. Enjoy your [Read More...]

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Build your own Rubik’s Cube with LEGO


This amazing piece of work I found via The Goldfish Online. As well as Martin James Howard from the Goldfish Online as Maarten Steurbaut build a working Rubik’s Cube by using Lego and are both AFOL’s (Adult Fans Of Lego).

Maarten explains on his website by using a lot of pictures how he designed and build his Rubik’s Cube which weights more than 6 kg (6.6 pounds) and in still able to rotate.

The only downside is that the internal axes, which enable Rubik’s Cube to rotate, are too [Read More...]

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