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Rubik’s Cube Records


Always wanted to know who was the first world record holder for restoring Rubik’s Cube or who is world record holder for solving Rubik’s Cube with his feet only?

All Rubik’s Cube records holders are shown at Happy Puzzling!

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Puzzotto – Puzzle Chair


Next to the Rubik’s Cube Table there is also Puzzotto. Puzzotto is available at Perpetual kid and can be described as a multi purpose furniture.

Put several Puzzotto’s together and you have a coffee table. Separate them and you have some additional chairs although from the picture they look not really comfortable.

They are only available for US residence only. Happy Puzzling!

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Rubik’s Cube Table


For those who really love Rubik’s Cube and want or need some new furniture in their living room you can find a very nice looking Rubik’s cube table at

For $500 they have a unique Rubik’s Cube table for you. Their website does not mention any shipping costs outside New York. So if your living outside of NY you probably can add some extra costs for shipping.

If you want more information just contact them via e-mail. Happy Puzzling!

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Q-Bism – Magnetic Puzzle


As you probably noticed this website contains Google Ads to cover the costs of hosting this website. Once in a while I check out the ads to see if the ads are still relevant.

Today I saw a link to and took a look at it. They have an e-store with games & puzzle section. In there I saw a very nice magnetic cube called Q-bism magnetic puzzles. The Q-bism puzzle is a 3-D, magnetic puzzle with 27 cube shaped pieces. describes this puzzle as “a profoundly puzzling puzzle! This innovative magnetic puzzle [Read More...]

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Rush Hour – all 80 original levels


Fred Vonk from the Netherlands wrote a Java version of Rush Hour with more than 80 levels.

As you already know you have to free the red car from the grid by dragging and dropping the other cars and trucks out of the way. The 80 different games are the same as the original cardset 1 & 2 from rush hour. You can select a card set and a game in the overview at the bottom and start to play. For the real puzzle lovers the minimum number of moves are indicated together with your score. [Read More...]

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Sudoku Variants


Next to the regular Sudoku and the Samurai Sudoku, which has 5 Sudoku joined in a quincunx arrangement, there are much more Sudoku variants available on the web.

Although Sudoku’s are never boring, sometimes it is nice to solve different Sudoku variants.

The first website I found showing you Sudoku variants is called Age of Puzzles which shows you five variants of Sudoku.

Math Games shows you a dozen of Sudoku variants. Just find the Sudoku variant you like and start creating the Sudoku variants puzzles you love most. Happy Puzzling!


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Inside Rubik’s Cube Revealed


Trying to solve Rubik’s Cube is one thing, knowing how it looks like inside is another thing.

On you can find a video which shows you a simulation on how Rubik’s Cube looks and works inside. A very nice animation revealing the inside of Rubik’s Cube. Happy Puzzling!

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