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PhysBallz – Online Puzzle Game


physBallz is yet another match three physics puzzle game by CubeeGames without a story, just abstract shapes and a lot of balls.

In PhysBallz you have to remove same-colored balls with your mouse. Starts easy peasy but gets deadly hard. Hold the left mouse button, match 3 or more balls of one color to remove them. Happy Puzzling!


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Air Traffic Chief – Online Puzzle Game


Air Traffic Chief is an interesting skill based puzzle game.

Object is to organise the busy skies and guide the planes and helicopters to a safe landing. Keep your head cool, don’t let the numbers overwhelm you, and most of all, don’t crash any airplane.

You can guide the plane by drawing a line with your mouse that the plane/helicopter will follow. Happy Puzzling!


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Puzzing – Online Puzzle Game


In Puzzing it’s time to move some blocks again thanks to PlaysPal.

Click on the blocks and hold your mouse button to slide in order to remove all the stones. There is quite a challenge for your logic, nice graphics to please the eye and soft sound effects, but I prefer to mute the sound.

Puzzing’s concept is very simple yet it enthralls. To score you need to move the matching game elements together and make them all disappear in all 15 levels. Happy Puzzling!


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Bolaris Domino – 3D Sliding Puzzle


Bolaris Domino a 3D sliding sphere puzzle by Diff Design OY from Finland and is the latest addition to my puzzle collection.

The frame of Bolaris Domina (and the two other versions called Harmaa and Vastaväri) consists of static (solid) rectangular corners and the grooves between them. The rectangles parts slide easily on the grooves, one part at a time.

First scramble all the pieces of this 3D puzzle with difficulty level 3 out of 4. After that you can slide the rectangular domino parts around until the rectangular pieces form a [Read More...]

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Atomix – Online Puzzle Game


Atomix is the remake of the original Atomix transport puzzles game from the 90′s by MyLostGames.

The object of Atomix is to assemble molecules from compound atoms by sliding the atoms around. This has to be done in a set time limit for each level. The screen contains a small preview window showing what each molecule should look like. The tile-based playing field contains a number of atom blocks, as well as walls. You can move an atom around by selecting it, and moving it up, down, left, or right.

If you like Atomix you will probably [Read More...]

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KenKen to Go: 100 Easy to Hard Logic Puzzles That Make You Smarter


Life’s busy but there’s alway time for a KenKen puzzle. This portable paperback collection by Will Shortz* contains 100 easy to hard puzzles that range in size from 3×3 warm up grids to challenging 9×9 size puzzles that really make you break a mental sweat.

Features: - 100 all-new easy to hard KenKen puzzles - Big grids for easy solving - Introduction and instructions at PuzzleMaster Will Shortz.

Will Shortz Presents KenKen to Go: 100 Easy to Hard Logic Puzzles That Make You Smarter is available [Read More...]

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Chromixa – Jigsaw Of Light Puzzle Game For iPhone/iPod


Chromixa is a new and unique colour-blending puzzle game, designed specifically for the iPhone & iPod touch. Truly the first of its kind.

Arrange shapes of light to complete beautifully designed puzzles. Based on the colors found within white light, red, green and blue combine to create new colors as shapes overlap. Like a jigsaw of light, your goal is to arrange the shapes to fill an outline with a single color. As you complete puzzles, the points you earn can be used to unlock fun arcade-style mini games.

Like all good puzzle games, [Read More...]

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