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Blosics – Were Blocks Meets Physics


Blosics (Game Battle) is a new physics based puzzle game.

In Blosics you’ve to remove as many green blocks (not the red ones) of the stage as possible by flinging a ball, hold mouse button to let them grow and release. Happy Puzzling!


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Christmas Crossword and Online Word Search Puzzles


Are you seeking for Christmas crossword puzzles? Here are provided different types of Christmas crossword puzzles with online word searches to entertain the entire family during Christmas. Check out the list of websites provided below for a great collection of holiday crossword puzzles.

Solve Christmas crossword puzzles or download a puzzle, print puzzle games and solutions, all free of cost. Take pleasure in Christmas word searches and crossword puzzles of varying complexity. Christmas crossword puzzles not only focus on Christmas questions but it is also printed in fun holiday shapes such as Christmas trees, ornaments or gifts.

In 1913, the [Read More...]

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Puzzaka – The World’s Largest Online Jigsaw Puzzle


Puzzaka is the world’s largest online puzzle with 260 million mini-puzzles combine to forming the largest jigsaw puzzle ever built, made up of more than 20 billion pieces.

As many online puzzle fans like to solve online jigsaw puzzles, Puzzuka unites the world through a a fun online activity. Puzzaka challenges the World to solve it together: - Win great prizes (but to take part you’ll need to register) - Challenge your friends - It’s Free - Contribute simply by solving online jigsaw puzzles

Every puzzle solved contributes to Enfants du Monde’s (Children of the World) education programmes.

The [Read More...]

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Jigazo – Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles


Ji Ga Zo is a brand new universal jigsaw puzzle with a series of 300 completely compatible puzzle pieces, each represents a slightly different tone and is marked with a tiny icon.

You could take your favorite photo (approx. 600x800px and in jpg format) and send it by email to Jigazo, and Jigazo gives you return mail with a paint-by-numbers style icon map within 10 seconds. There is a special email address for iPhone users.

Position each piece in accordance to the map, and presto, you’ve got yourself a customized puzzle. As Jigazo is [Read More...]

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Duendes In Christmas – Puzzle Game


Duendes in Christmas is a Christmas themed point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg.

There are two objectives in “Duendes in Christmas”. The first one is to light the Christmas tree and the second is to make it snow. “Duendes” is the Spanish word for gnomes or elves. Happy Puzzling!


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Power Vacuum – Online Puzzle Game


Power Vacuum is a fast paced action puzzle game.

You only have 60 seconds total to collect all 100 missing electrons from the different levels. Click once per level to attract the electrons. Lead the electrons to the atom with your mouse. Avoid the white energy walls.

You have 60 seconds to collect all 100 electrons. Best is that the game is not always the same. So every time you will see some different levels or in different order. Happy Puzzling!


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The Treasure Tube – Treasure Hunt


The Treasure Tube is a puzzle contest and also the latest addition to my puzzle collection.

Each Treasure Tube consists of a set of maps inspired by the codes of pirates from long ago. The set of maps includes real size reproductions of two of Michel Becker’s paintings and three tracing paper blue prints, delivered in a tube.

The objective of The Treasure Tube is to find three hidden clues on the paintings using the blue prints. Available via The Treasure Tube website for 87.10 Euro’s (approx. US$ 125). The first to enter [Read More...]

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