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Origami Bedlam Cube


Origami Bedlam Cube is a paper puzzle made with Origami techniques in Qiaochang’s origami collection.

If you don’t want to make an origami Bedlam Cube before you can solve it you can buy The Bedlam Cube from Puzzlemaster Inc. Happy Puzzling!

[Via Microsiervos]

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Crossed Wires – Online Puzzle Game


Crossed Wires is yet another game where you’ll have to switch out all lights just like in Lights Out.

The aim of this puzzle game is to switch off all the lights but as the wires are crossed and with a limited number of clicks, this will not be an easy task. Happy Puzzling!


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National Geographic Atlas Online Jigsaw Puzzles


National Geographic Atlas Online Jigsaw Puzzles are 23 great looking online jigsaw puzzles of maps from different parts of the world.

Object is to assemble the jigsaw puzzle by dragging interlocking pieces together. You can also enable the “rotation of pieces” via the option menu, then pieces are randomly rotated when scattered. This means you’ll need to manually rotate each jigsaw piece to its correct orientation to solve the jigsaw puzzle. You can rotate a jigsaw piece that is being dragged by pressing the space bar. Happy Puzzling!

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Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH


Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH is a new 3D puzzle game with more than 70 challenging levels for Wii. Players need to guide Cubes to color coded exit points. Using the Wii intuitive Remote Controllers, players herd the colored coded cubes along by using Conveyors Belts, Warps, Stop Signs, Directional Signs and Splits

Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH Highlights:

  • Original 3D puzzle solving game play
  • More than 70 brain-busting levels
  • Tailor-made Wii Remote control scheme
  • Conveyor Belts, Warps, Stop Signs, Directional Signs, Splits, and more
  • Stylish environments
  • Classic Rubik’s Cube [Read More...]

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Flalls – Online Puzzle Game


Flalls is a colorful arcade puzzle game with new enthralling gameplay and excellent graphics in which you help the two teams of Flalls get to the purposed game field.

While going through the event you will meet up with lots of kinds of amusing ‘Fans’ which will make the game more interesting, 90 fascinating levels, awards system.

To pass the level you need to let yellow balls get through the hole in the bar to yellow field and blue balls to blue field agreeably. When clicking on a Flall it changes its movement direction. Happy Puzzling!


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Chaos Chamber – Online Puzzle Game


Chaos Chamber* is yet another block removal game, but this time with a lot of twists.

Click two or more adjacent blocks of the same color. When you make a mistake the block will turn into a stone block. Columns that reach the top will also turn in stone blocks. Bombs and laser blocks can help you to remove stone blocks.

Level shifts will change the color of the blocks and also gravity will alter. Happy Puzzling!

* Chaos Chamber contains graphic effects that may trigger epileptic seizures in a small percentage of players.


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25 Boxes – Online Puzzle Game


In 25 Boxes you can put your peripheral vision to the test. Search for numbers, letters or symbols and point at the box where they fit.

25 Boxes consist of just 20 levels, level 12 to 20 are a bit harder because the input boxes are turned into mirrored. To get a good score, you have to be fast and make nor errors. For every error that you make you will lose points. If you don’t manage to find the correct boxes before the time bar has disappeared you will get no points. At the end of the game you [Read More...]

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