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Personalised Aerial Photography Map Jigsaw Puzzle


Are you looking for inspiration for Christmas presents? If you are this review should provide you with the inspiration. Today we are reviewing a personalised aerial map jigsaw that was sent to us by Elstead the UKs personalised map jigsaw specialists.

There is something immensely satisfying with sitting around a log-fire with friends or family at Christmas whilst completing a jigsaw puzzle together. Jigsaw puzzles are often paintings or pictures of Christmas scenes. How much more fun would it be to spend time completing a jigsaw puzzle of an aerial photo of the locality you choose?

Elstead kindly sent [Read More...]

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Sterling Silver Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Earrings


This pair of sterling silver jigsaw puzzle piece charms, which measure 1 by .5 each, hung on sterling silver french hook ear wires. The look is utter simplicity, but the puzzle lets them know you are actually quite complex!

These are sent with a shiny, smooth finish unless otherwise request. Let me know if you would like a hammered finish, a matte finish, or both. This is also the symbol of Autism Awareness. [via ArtFire]

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Sudokoban – Online Puzzle Game


Sudokoban brings the famous Sudoku puzzles and the puzzle classic Sokoban together.

Object of Sudokoban is to push crates (one at a time) into the grid in the center of the board to form a Sudoku solution. Push bomb crates into numbered crates to destroy them. Use arrows to move and push blocks. Happy Puzzling!


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Four Piece Puzzle Cutting And Serving Board


4 Piece Puzzle Cutting Board is a unique puzzle pieces cutting- and serving board made in the USA. This four wooden (maple and walnut) jigsaw puzzle pieces cutting- and serving board has a very stylish design and will look great in any kitchen or on any dinner table.

Because it is the single safest way to keep your food safe from cross contamination (such as bacteria from raw meat getting into your fresh vegetables), and of course protect your counters and knife blades. For that reason you should never use the same surface for different foods.

Ideally, use two [Read More...]

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Continuity – Puzzle Platformer


Continuity is a student project for the Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University and created by Ragtime Games.

Continuity is a combination between the platform puzzle game (looks a bit like Shift) and a sliding puzzle game. Object is to get so you open the door the the next level, but each level consist of more blocks which looks like a sliding puzzle. Move also all blocks during each level in the right position to get to the key and the door.

Continuity is a brilliant combination of two puzzle games [Read More...]

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Puzazzle – Online Word Puzzle Game


Puzazzle is a nice little word puzzle game that combines a word puzzle with Scrabble and Jigsaw puzzles.

Object is to build the words as described on the bottom of the screen with the letters given at the top. Between the letters of the word you can put jigsaw puzzles with math symbols. Get the maximum score and race against the clock in Puzazzle. Happy Puzzling!

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Savanna Blocks – Online Puzzle Game


Savanna Blocks is another falling block puzzle game, this time with a Savanna theme.

Object is to connect to or more blocks of the same color to make them disappear. More blocks is more points and don’t let them reach the top.

Best thing about this falling block type of puzzle is that you have to draw lines to connect the blocks, and with a little practice you can also draw diagonal lines. But be aware that you don’t draw them when a new row of block is added. Happy Puzzling!


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