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IKEA Crossword Puzzle


Try to solve this brilliant advertisment crossword puzzle by IKEA which I found via Ads of the World.

This ad has been published in Australia and to further encourage people to interact with the ad, IKEA placed this crossword puzzle next to puzzle sections in newspapers. Happy Puzzling!

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Turbo Mind Twister – Puzzle


Turbo Mind Twister is the latest addition to my puzzle collection.

As described on the package your brain will be put into high gear by solving this original brain child of a genius puzzle inventor. Slide the cars and twist the sphere in an effort to park each car beside its matching color spot. But make sure your brain does not overheat. Happy Puzzling!


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Change The Nine – Online Puzzle Game


Change The Nine is yet another holiday puzzle by

Twelve dark and three light balls are arranged into the digit of Nine as shown in the “Start” position in the center of the illustration above. The object is to change it into the digit of Zero shown in the upper left corner (the “Finish” position) in the minimum number of moves.

A move consists of moving any four balls, which form a small square. You are not allowed to rotate the square while moving it, and may not move any other balls. In a [Read More...]

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Scakler – Logic Puzzle Game


Scakler Scakler is a very challing puzzle game to strangle your brain.

Object to make all the numbers on the game grid equal to each other within a given number of moves. Just start the game and follow the instructions given in the first levels. A link to the walkthrough of Scakler is available in the game. Happy Puzzling!


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MagnetiZR – Online Puzzle Game


MagnetiZR is a game where you distort magnetic physics and control the fields action.

It’s up to you to create magnetic distortions with the various magnets at your disposal, and ultimately connect the ink with the “Win” magnet(s). Happy Puzzling!


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Haunted Mirror Mazes for iPhone


In 2008 we wrote already about online puzzle game Haunted Mirror Mazes from The Griddle.

Haunted Mirror Mazes is now available from The Griddle and CH4 Productions: the official Haunted Mirror Maze iPhone and iPod Touch app with sweet graphics and an epic swipe and touch interface!

Test your logic skills in the spookiest puzzle game out there. Haunted Mirror Maze includes over thirty levels of this unique puzzle made popular on The Griddle. Find the ghosts, zombies, and vampires running amok in [Read More...]

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I-T – Online Puzzle Game

I-T is a nice twits on several ‘connected’ kind of puzzle games. I-T is not only for IT guys, but also for puzzle lovers.

In I-T you need to connect all the monitors with the main computer in a right way. All connectors are in blocks, if you want to rotate the connector to the right you need to click on the right side of a block, if you want to rotate the connector to the left press on the left side. When connector in connected it becomes blue.

To play this game you need to [Read More...]

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