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Playing Tetris May Build Up Your Brain


Regularly playing the video game Tetris may increase gray matter in your brain and make you think more efficiently, researchers in New Mexico report.

MRIs done on 26 adolescent girls asked to play the popular puzzle game for half an hour daily over three months found improved efficiency in parts of the brain associated with critical thinking, reasoning, and language and processing.

Scans also revealed increases in matter in the brain’s cortex in areas linked to complex, coordinated movements and integrating sensory experiences, such as sight, sound and touch, with other information.

In Tetris, a computer game developed about 25 [Read More...]

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Squared Up – Logic Puzzle Game


Squared Up is a lovely logic puzzle game by

Logic is the key to the puzzles in Squared Up, a game inspired by Minesweeper and Hexiom. Although the first levels are very easy, later on Squared Up will become more difficult. Solve all 70 challenging levels. Happy Puzzling!


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Brain Train – Puzzle Game


Brain Train is an educational puzzle game for kids.

Play Brain Train game and work your way up the train completing all the brain puzzles as fast as you can before you run out of time, you get one minute per puzzle. Brain Train involves math puzzles and word puzzles. Happy Puzzling!

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Stackle – Online Puzzle Game


Stackle is a physics based puzzle game and a nice combination of Tetris and Jenga.

Grab blocks from the tower and stack them on the top but don’t let it topple. Game instructions are easy, stack blocks on top of the tower by clicking on the block you want to move. Happy Puzzling!

PS. Due to our yearly holiday period we will only post blog entries once a day for a few weeks till we are back again with renewed passion for puzzles.

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Ragdoll Remake – Online Puzzle Game


Ragdoll Cannon is back, this time with a bunch of new levels of the funny physics engine skill puzzle game Ragdoll Remake.

Shoot the ragdoll guy from the cannon. Hit the target to go to the next level. Try to make as little shots as possible. There are 25 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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Dragon Cube


Dragon Cube is a colorful wooden puzzle invented by the chief mechanical puzzle engineer of Puzzle Master.

The eight piece interlocking dovetail cube puzzle is absolutely perfect. It’s deceptively simple, challenging if you’re 80, fun if you’re 8. It’s timeless because even the professional puzzler won’t remember the solution a week later.

Dragon Cube is available from for approx. US$ 18.00. Happy Puzzling!

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Pyro II – Online Puzzle Game


Pyro II is the sequel of Pyro, only this time with 50 user created level.

Object is ignite all the torches with a limited number of balls of fire, to pass to the next level. Click and drag the fireball to set power and angle, then release to hit as many torches as possible. Happy Puzzling!

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