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DeBloc – Online Puzzle Game


DeBloc is an addictive online Tetris look-a-like puzzle game.

Your objective in lovely DeBloc online puzzle game is to destroy the colored blocks by combining the bars in a horizontal and/or vertical line of at least three blocks. Happy Puzzling!


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PaintBox – Online Puzzle Game


Samgine just released a new puzzle online puzzle game called PaintBox.

The initial challenge of PaintBox is to turn all ten square to the color red by using the buttons in the right sequence. The second goal is to do this in as less moves as possible. Happy Puzzling!


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Colour Shift – Online Puzzle Game


Of you liked Loops of Zen than you will probably also like Colour Shift, which is a nice and addictive puzzle game with just extra colors.

The aim of Colourshift is to light all the lights by completing the circuit in each level. Lights are lit by connecting them to the correct color source. A source is marked with a square.

Not all colors will always be readily available at the start. Sometimes you will need to mix colors in order to get the correct color. This will be your weekend time waster [Read More...]

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Zigmond III – Online Puzzle Game


Zigmond III is a Sokoban type of puzzle game. In short moving boxes again.

Object is to clear your way out to the stairs to move to next of 50 levels. You do not only have to move boxes but also mirrors to redirect laser beams. As well the number of moves are counted as well as the time it takes to move to the next level. Happy Puzzling!


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Tetris Pots


Tetris Pots are some pots inspired by the famous game Tetris. This ceramic work was carried out in 2007 at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn.

With the Tetris shapes and Tetris colors inside each pot this will definitely be a center piece in your home. Happy Puzzling!


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Unify This – Online Puzzle Game


Unify This is nice little puzzle game by Lee Haywood and looks a bit like online version of Katamino.

Object is to rearrange the colored shapes in the game grid to make a rectangle. Use your left mouse button to drag the shapes around the game grid.

When you generate a new Unify This puzzle, the computer splits a solid rectangle into the random shapes, then it scatters them around in the same way that you might if you were scrambling the puzzle. Thanks to this method, you can play puzzles that no-one else has ever seen [Read More...]

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Use Boxman – Online Puzzle Game


Use Boxman is a fun and a combination between Cursor*10 and Shift, in short a fun platform puzzle game by Greg Sergeant.

Object is to find a way to the exit point by casting simple-minded clones to do tasks for you: Use Boxmen, a fun platform puzzle game by Greg Sergeant. Can you complete all levels without using the Use Boxman walk-through? Levels range from very simple to very hard. Happy Puzzling!


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