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The Line Game – Online Puzzle Game


The Line Game is an online maze kind of puzzle game which also require some mouse/keyboard skills.

Object is to move the line through the maze to the end by avoiding to hit the wall or other moving objects. You can choose between your mouse or keyboard to move the line through the maze. There are eight challenging levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!

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Rubik’s World


Welcome to Rubik’s World – an abstract environment populated by “cubie” which make up the game’s DNA.

Rubik’s world takes the shape, functionality and concept behind the famous Rubik’s Cube but twists and turns the rules to transform it into a unique game experience for players of all ages. Get ready for a collection of games that will change your intellect while incorporating the mental twists and moves that made the original Rubik’s Cube such a hit.

Cubies behave like living and learning beings. Play and interact with them as you educate and entertain them Use the [Read More...]

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Meeblings 2 – Logic Online Puzzle Game


Meeblings 2 is a logic online puzzle game and a sequel of the addictive online game Meeblings.

Two brand new Meeblings are there to help you through fifty new levels in this long awaited Meeblings sequel.

New graphics, new puzzles, new sounds (a bit annoying for me). The Meeblings’ world just got twice as good. Play Ninja Kiwi’s Meeblings 2 Puzzle game now. Happy Puzzling!


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Rolley – Logic Puzzle Game


Rolley is an addictive online logic puzzle game by NinjaDoodle and has nothing to do with another puzzle game called Rolley Ball.

Object is to light up all the tiles, avoid obstacles such as lasers and don’t fall. After arming a bomb make sure your move at least two tiles away before it blows. Use the arrow keys to move Rolley around the game grid and solve all 24 challenging levels in just 1000 seconds (16m40s = 41.67s per level). [Via Microsiervos]. Happy Puzzling!


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Online Kakuro


Thanks to Aaron from Kakuro Conquest we can now offer all our visitors and puzzle lovers a new Daily Kakuro puzzle on our puzzle pages every day.

More information about Kakuro and strategies to solve Kakuro puzzles is can be found on our website. Happy Puzzling!


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Sudoku Pasta – Sudoku Variant


Sudoku Pasta is an original variant of the world famous Sudoku and is an extra on an Italian website by a pasta producer called De Cecco.

Sudoku Pasta is not about numbers but about nine different shapes of pasta. Although the complete website is in Italian but the Sudoku Pasta explains itself. At our website you can find the rules for Sudoku and much more Sudoku variants. Happy Puzzling!

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Neon Maze – Online Puzzle Game


Neon Maze is a new cutting-edge strategy puzzle game by

Object is to guide our hero through the neon maze on his way to freedom. You can change to color of the hero by moving over the colored dots. You can only pass through walls of the maze if they have the same color as your hero.

The walkthrough for Neon Maze is also available at Happy Puzzling!

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