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On searching for puzzle games, you never know what you will get.† I stumbled upon this game while looking for puzzle games at† I started to play the game and couldn’t stop myself.† You can also find it at the developers website.† Hybrid Mind Studios.

What is so fun about the game is that you are a piece of rust and you have to make all the bolts rusty as well.† As you go over the bolts your rust piece gets bigger by the size of the bolt.† This makes it tricky when you are trying to [Read More...]

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Edge and Edge Ex


Today we have two games that have totally blown my mind when I first got them.† That game is Edge, which comes in two parts, the next part being Edge Extended.† Edge has a demo for the game as well. † Here is the demo for Edge.† I have both of these games.† I got them from the Humble Bundlealong with a bunch of other games.

I will start you off with the concept of the game.† You are a cube that has to travel [Read More...]

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In searching for a new game to play, I came across a game called Grablox.† There are two versions of the game.† A free version which has ads and a paid version which has the ads taken out.† Both have exactly the same amount of levels and design.

In first seeing the game on google play I was interested by how the pictures looked.† I thought well this could be a kids game by the design.† I installed it and realized that it is definitely not for small kids as the puzzles are actually quite hard to [Read More...]

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Todayís game is called Bloxorz.†† I remember being introduced to this game on the computer.† The friend who introduced it to me had gotten to level 23 already.† I played it and was instantly hooked at finishing it.† I then got an android phone and started playing it on there.† They had even more levels on there and they were different then the computer ones.† Well now that Iím hooked I had to play it all the way through.

The goal of the game is easy enough; move the 3d rectangle into the hole.† You will have to flip the [Read More...]

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This will make you cross-eyed


I like this one a lot. It looks like the whole picture is moving around. I know they are just staying in one spot but they sure do look like they are moving. I will get my eyes checked later.

For more optical illusions like this go to

Happy puzzling.

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Unblock Me Free – 4200 levels of addicting puzzles


The game is called Unblock Me Free.† The game can be played on either the Android or the iPhone systems.† There is also a non free version for the iPhone.† In this review I will cover the Android version.

Since I like challenging puzzles of any kind, I was drawn to games like this.† For me there is nothing like sitting down and finding a few pieces on a board with one challenge to be solved.† Take the one piece and move it out of the play area.† This all [Read More...]

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Is this even possible


I remember seeing a man who had made an optical illusion into a wood carving.† It was much like this one but not as complicated.† Took a lot of looking to figure out just how he did it.† I tip my hat to anyone who can make this into reality.† Happy puzzling.

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