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Read about this young puzzle genius Very interesting young man who’s only 19. Play his game! About a year ago – maybe it was 2 years ago – somebody ripped him off and published an iphone game called Deadlocked. Damn good game. Short, brilliant, and fun. What more could you ask for.

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Snake Walk: Puzzle App for iphone, ipad


Snake Walk is a topology type puzzle app game.  The object is to start at any square, then travel in a direction as far as possible and hopefully cover all the squares. Except for the red squares which act as blocking walls.

We’ve seen this type of puzzle app many times.  Probably the best version is Mortal Coil which offers over 400 advanced levels.

Snake Walk has 50 levels with ‘more coming soon.’  I’ve done them all. I like the puzzles. There’s a good range of easy, medium & hard puzzles.  But the mechanics are a bit clumsy.  I do [Read More...]

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Fields: free puzzle app game for ipod touch, iphone, ipad Review


Fields is an interesting puzzle app from Kevin Langdon.  The object is to fill the field with different colored flowers. The blue flowers always occupy 2 squares. The red flowers take up 5 squares.  You get the idea.

Kevin says: This game is so addicting, you may never leave the toilet again.

Now just a darn minute Kevin. You’re going too far with that! Let it be known now and forever that I do not advocate anybody reading this blog, or play any games on the toilet. Just the thought makes me go EEEEwwwwwwww!

Let’s talk gameplay.  This is quite [Read More...]

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Squarescape: terrific puzzle app for iphone, ipad

squarescape 0

When I first saw Squarescape (see the blue image), I thought to myself: okay here’s another maze game where you have to slide your man as far as it can travel, pick up an object, and then find the exit.

Old school computer graphics.  As I whizzed through, I discovered the more interesting levels.  Look at the orange image.  Those orange squares can shift within their zones. Just tap on the arrows.  Very nice challenging element.

Look at the purple image.  The purple square shifts on its own. So, when you slide your man (the white square) you must time [Read More...]

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Xploding Puzzle: free puzzle app


Xploding Puzzle comes from  The object is to eliminate all the squares.  Tap on a red square – which is always numbered with a  1, and it will explode and then send red missiles in each direction.  The blue squares need to be hit twice.  Other squares need to be hit 3 times.

Last year I saw at least 3 or 4 of these types of puzzles. I believe that those grid sizes were all uniform: 7×9 maybe?  Xploding Puzzle: the grid configurations are more creative. And the red arrows that represent the missiles are nice.

There are some [Read More...]

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Sporos: puzzle app for iphone, ipad


Sporos is really good set of puzzles that are similar to the 8 Queens puzzle.  In the 8 Queens puzzle, you must place 8 Queens on the board so that every square is attacked and none of the Queens are attacking each other.

Sporos is similar.  You are given 2 or 3 ‘Sporos’ and must place them carefully. Some Sporos point in all directions. Others do not.

There are 300 ‘Essential labs’.  I’ve solved about 100 of them. They go pretty fast, Though some are hard.

I was ready to move on to the next puzzle app, when I [Read More...]

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LynzFree: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad


LynzFree comes from Matthew Little.

It is an edge-matching puzzle with funky colors.  There are 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.  In the beginner levels: trade the 9 tiles in a 3×3 grid.  In the intermediate level: same as beginner, but some tiles can also rotate.

Advanced levels: they’re not ready.

I’ve been doing edge-matching puzzles for many years.  It’s not something I actively seek out.  However, I do like these graphics. Right now I’ve done 2 of the beginner and 2 of the intermediate levels.

It’s a free puzzle app game. Kids will like this.

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