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Starcoaster: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

starcoaster 1

Ryan Gorer has developed a most interesting series of puzzles. You are given a pipe with a star on it. You must slide the pipe and bend it so that the star lines up perfectly on the blank star.


There are 100 levels. I’ve done 33 of them. Some of them are quite tricky.

One qualm I have with this puzzle: suppose you tap on the pipe to bend it. It may bend to the right instead of to the left. If that happens, double tap on the joint and hopefully it will unbend and then bend in the [Read More...]

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Vubu: GREAT puzzle app for iphone, ipad.


The object of Vubu is to move the men into the blue square. They all move in unision. Be careful about losing a man over the edge.

Most of the Vubus are of the regular type. The Wise Man: he’ll move normally, but he won’t go over the edge. The Blind Man: he won’t move at all. Unless another Vubu is next to him. The Stubborn Man: he’ll move normally, unless another is next to him; then he’ll remain still. The Dragon Vubu: he breathes fire and will incinerate another vubu.

These puzzles are pure logic. Of the 50 regular [Read More...]

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Dedale: clever puzzle app for iphone, ipad: Review

Dedale 1

Dedale is a series of challenging maze topology puzzles. The object is to turn the white squares into a color by tracing a path over each square exactly once.

Harder levels: some squares must be passed over twice.

Interesting element: some of the tiles are rectangles.

I’ve played different versions of this type of puzzle before: Numeric Paranoia comes to mind. Dedale has 100 levels. Right now I’m stuck on level 49.

The most important thing: Dedale is fun and challenging.

Sergey Mohov is the developer.

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Double Maze: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Double Maze 2

Double Maze is a series of 40 maze puzzles. As you can see, the object is to get both orange balls to the white target at the same time.

Notice the yellow lines? That enables you to move one ball while the other ball is held in place.

Double Maze is not terribly hard. I’ve solved all of the levels. #40 was very difficult.

You have the option to create your own levels and share them. I have not explored this too much. But I have noticed that some people created levels that were humorously too easy.

Gary at� [Read More...]

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Twin Beams: awesome puzzle app for iphone, ipad


The object of Twin Beams: plant 2 trees in every park so that each row and column has exactly two trees. Also, two trees cannot be adjacent to each other vertically, horizontally or diagonally. I’ve seen this type of puzzle before. Most recently in ’63 Logic Games’ which is another puzzle app. They call that game Parks. Nicola Salmoria contacted me recently about his new app Twin Beams with a really long explanation of everything: how much time he put into it, how he borrowed the concept etc. Bottom Line: there are 10,000 levels: 2500 at each level. The easy levels are [Read More...]

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SudoFeud: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad Review


SudoFeud is point scoring game that you must play against an opponent. It’s very difficult to describe. I recommend that you watch this video: In short, SudoFeud works a bit like Scrabble. Especially with double & triple scoring points. I have not play tested this. Sorry, I’m just too busy. Also, I need to play against a ‘friend’. Which I have none of! That’s what happens when you spend your whole existence play testing puzzle apps for a blog that nobody reads. Actually, my blog just got its 200,000th hit. Roel Griffioen is the author of SudoFeud. He also made [Read More...]

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Shift 2: free inversion maze puzzle app


Shift 2 has 120 levels. I’ve spent about 1 hour and am stuck on level 9. It’s hard and fun. And that’s the bottom line.

The object is to get your man to the door. Pick up a key, avoid the deadly spikes. When you Shift, the maze does a 180 and your man will turn white and enter the black part of the maze. Very clever.

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