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Super Numbers: free point scoring puzzle app


The Object of Super Numbers is to tap on some tiles that add up to the number on top.  Keep doing this until the board is empty.

My first impression: too simple and easy. My second impression: the game gets harder and the time goes faster.

Right now my high score is 30,550 which places me in 4th place.

I have a feeling that I’ll be playing this again.

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SudoFeud: Sudoku variation for iphone & ipad


It’s hard to keep up with all of the sudoku puzzle apps that keep cropping up.

SudoFeud comes from Roel Griffioen. It’s a game that you must play against an opponent. It’s a bit similar to Scrabble. Watch this video:

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Cross Cross

CrossCross Puzzle

The object of CrossCross Puzzle is to make each square get to zero. Tap on a square and all the squares in that row and column will decrease by 1.

I’ve seen this type of puzzle before.

CrossCross has 168 free levels. Of those, I’ve done 84 of them. Sorry for not completing them all. But there are so many other puzzle apps that I must investigate.

You might think that the solution is to automatically tap the highest numbers. Not necessarily.

CrossCross Puzzle does not make the list of Best Puzzle Apps of 2012, but hey, it’s free and [Read More...]

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BeeCells Lite: free puzzle app for iphone & ipad

BeeCells Lite

The object of BeeCells Lite is to move the colored tiles around – one at a time – until they form clusters of 6 or more. They will disappear, you will score points, and the program will randomly generate new colored cells.

I thought that my top score of 405 was pretty darn good. I’ve played this puzzle app for several hours. Then I checked the leaderboard. First, my score only put me in the top 45%. Second, the top score is over 85,000.

I am flabbergasted that someone could achieve that. Furthermore, many other players have scored in the [Read More...]

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Arrow Point: puzzle app is free until September 3rd.

Arrow Point 1

The object of Arrow Point is to place 16 tiles in the middle of the grid so that the numbered squares on the perimeter have exactly that many number of arrows pointing at them.

Look at the first image. Notice the tiles all have 1 arrow and they are orthogonal.  Now look at the second image. The tiles have two arrows and they are orthogonal and diagonal. Tough!

Look at the squares in the perimeter. See the yellow one that says 2/3. The top number indicates that many arrows should point to it. The bottom number indicates that 3 arrows [Read More...]

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Gone Buggy: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Gone buggy 1

Gone Buggy is a packing puzzle consisting of mostly 1, 2 & 4 sized tiles in the shapes of bugs.

The objective is to fit them into the grid.

If you can’t do it, then you can fry a bug into smaller bits with the magnifying glass.

As you can see, there are 99 levels. I’ve played Gone Buggy for about 4 hours and solved 44 levels.

I normally eschew this type of ‘fill the tray with pieces’ puzzle. Gone Buggy has a certain flair. Perhaps it’s the fact that it gives you 1 piece at a time. I think [Read More...]

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SEQ: puzzle app for iphone and ipad


SEQ comes from Thomas Castel and is an interesting puzzle app! The object is to draw paths, counting down,  from each colored number to any of the zeros on the grid. Here’s where it gets interesting: some squares can/must be used by both sequences. And the key is figuring them all out. SEQ has 160 levels: I’ve done 122 levels so far.

The first 40 levels are free. I enjoyed them, so I paid .99 for the next batch, and then another .99 for the remainder. Definitely worth your time. SEQ could land on the list of Best Puzzle Apps of 2012. Tom Cutrofello [Read More...]

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