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Color Cubes by EbdaSoftware


If you enjoy challenging your mind with building games and are searching for a new addition to your android phone, then Color Cubes by EbdaSoftware is a perfect addition to your digital game collection. This is a traditional block game with all the challenges and puzzles for your mind you have come to love.

Using the process of elimination you move and shape blocks to match up large chunks of matching colors. Find the largest set of matching colors if you wish to get the highest score possible. With plenty of levels, increasing in difficulty as you move along [Read More...]


Sherlock Pro by Everett Kaser


For some fun and challenging puzzle fun, Sherlock Pro offers great brain teasing logical with a great theme. Presented with a series of clues, you must determine exact locations of all the pictures within your playing boards. Each puzzle of varying sizes will present you with rows of similar and common pictures such as faces, houses, fruits and street signs which the computer will then scramble. Without showing you the location of each picture, you will be given clues to follow in order to solve each new puzzle. Use your clues along with your skills of logical deduction to [Read More...]


Treasures of Montezuma 3


In The Treasures of Montezuma 3, the goal of the players is to unlock secret riches by matching tokens in a match-three fashion. Featuring over 200 levels, amazing visual effects, dynamic audio and stunning backgrounds, Treasures of Montezuma 3 breaks the boundaries of graphics in casual gaming. Fans of the match-three genre are guaranteed to love this game.

Playing The Treasures of Montezuma 3 will challenge your skills and push you to the limit in your quest to achieve the highest score possible in just one minute. Magic Totems have made a wide-scale return, offering players bonuses and [Read More...]


The Building Game by Apesoup


If you enjoy building and construction with a realistic feel, then this game is right up your alley. Using a crane you will build and manipulate a multitude of items and create a world all of your own. Build the tallest towers you can imagine, construct the strongest and longest bridges you can plan or even skyscrapers. There are many different types of items to construct and you can build your way through tons of challenging missions along the way. Your crane utilizes realistic physics so it will take a skillful hand and some excellent planning to assure your items [Read More...]


Treasures of Montezuma 2


 Treasures of Montezuma 2 is a sequel to the widely popular PC game “Treasures of Montezuma”, and will most definitely please the fans of the puzzles and the match-3 gaming genres. The game features over one hundred levels of ancient Aztec tricks and puzzles, plenty of magical artifacts to use and three exclusive game modes for players to enjoy.

To play Treasures of Montezuma 2, players will have to match pieces of the same color together to complete the missions within the time limit. With each successful mission, players will be rewarded bonus scores and accumulate gold, which [Read More...]


Wood Bridges Pro by EdbaSoftware


This fun and challenging building game will defiantly provide you with hours of playtime. Use touch technology to build your wooden bridges to allow cars and trucks to pass over to new areas. You must use as little building materials as possible while still making your creation safe and sturdy in over to move on to the next level. The less materials used, the higher score you will receive so be careful to plan your projects ahead.

Using real physics you will find interesting challenges in game play as you can construct slightly elastic bridges in this version. Watch for [Read More...]


Honeycomb Hotel Ultra by Everett Kaser


Honeycomb Hotel is the ultimate game of puzzles and logical with a sweet theme. Each puzzle, created in honeycomb style is designed to challenge you while having fun at the same time. Your final goal is to determine the placements of the pictures within each puzzle to create the exact path meant to run through each cell of the honeycomb. You are supplied with an abundance of clues to assist you with the determinations that use precise and understandable logic making for a great game meant to challenge your mind.

With over 12,000 puzzles separated into 4000 of small, [Read More...]

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