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101 Crane Missions by Philipp Imhof


With so much to do this building game will surely have you preoccupied for hours on end. Use your crane and realistic rules of physics to build your way through various missions. Create the tallest tower in the city, or the longest and most sturdy bridge possible. There are some many different items to build in mission mode you will enjoy this new addition to your portable game collection.

Construct your way through five different scenario modes that include Foggy City, Windy Mountain, Ropes over Vienna, The Island and San Francisco. Each scenario presents its own challenges to your building [Read More...]


Acrostics by Puzzle Baron


Another in excellent puzzles series by A Gamz, this digital application does not disappoint. Great for puzzlers of all ages, acrostics or otherwise known as double crostics combines the styles of a crossword puzzle and fill in the quote challenges. You will find fifty unique anagrams and crosswords timed for extra fun and ranking to satisfy your competitive side.

The puzzles are designed so that each letter in the quote is linked to one of the clue letters, and the final goal is to fill in the quotation using crossword style puzzles and hints. Each puzzle is timed and after [Read More...]


Sherlock Ultra by Everett Kaser


For the ultimate in puzzle fun and mind bending challenges, pick up your digital application of Sherlock Ultra for even more player boards in this series of games by Everett Kaser. Within each unique puzzle you will be shown a series of common pictures such as houses, faces, animals, letters and even numbers in columns to the left of the screen. The computer will then randomize these pictures among different size boards. Each new board size offers more pictures that you must locate, increasing the difficulty of the puzzles. You will be given a series of logical clues [Read More...]


Logic Puzzles by Puzzle Baron


The puzzle baron himself has hand chosen each of these new and challenging puzzles designed for logics of all levels from the intermediate puzzler to hard-core experts. You’ll find yourself engrossed in each if the fifty-grid puzzles designed to keep your brain working for hours on end. With every five puzzles you will find a new and exciting story line surrounding the contents of the group to keep your challenges both fun and interesting. The levels will increase in difficulty as you continue forward to the next story-line. In addition you will find statistics you can compare your scores to [Read More...]


Kakuro HD Game Series by n2bolsa


You will find hours of unending fun and challenges in this latest series of brain games by n2bolsa mobile. This new digital application has all the features of traditional Kakuro puzzles with tons of new exciting features making this a must-have for puzzler lovers everywhere. This new ad-free version offers faster graphics with higher load speeds and smooth images and supports all screen resolutions. You will find five difficulty levels to continue to increase your challenges as you move along and with the unlimited Kakuro puzzle generator the fun is unlimited. You can track and save your progress as you [Read More...]


Lair Quest


Lair Quest brings together match-3 strategy games and fantasy RPGs, dropping you into a world where you are the hero. To save your town, you must brave the Dragon’s Lair and defeat the beasts using a combination of strategy and skill. You must carve a path through matching tiles while fighting off the enemy and building up your defenses. With each victory, your journey becomes increasingly difficult as you battle more and more powerful dragons. Each move you make is a constant struggle, your life depending on your strategy. If you fail, you will quickly fall prey to the [Read More...]


LogicPicColor: PuzzlePack 3 by SPCware


For those puzzlers who enjoy picture challenges, this new digital download is right up your gaming alley. Logic Pic, otherwise known as piccross, nonogram or paint-by-number puzzling features a combination of logic and skilled hand movements to complete each task. Using numerical codes, you must turn over the correctly colored tiles to reveal a final hidden picture. Great features such as auto-save mode, unlimited redo and undos, gesture shortcuts and guess mode allow for easy and fun game-play so that you can focus on some brain training. The basic package includes 30 black and white and 30 color puzzles spanning [Read More...]

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